From traditional classrooms to e-Learning, technology has impeccably transformed the concept of education. This is an era of collaborative learning. The lessons are not just made to fit into the curriculum requirements but are made to engage the students and ignite their curiosities. There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI) would play a crucial role in boosting the students’ capabilities and intelligence. It is because of AI that we could inculcate the concept of personalized learning and intelligent tutoring, advising and grading systems. In this article, we would discover how Artificial Intelligence would reshape the learning process.

1. Addressing the gaps in learning

Every student is different in terms of their learning capabilities, retaining abilities and perspectives. The concept of traditional classroom teaching often underestimates this fact. But, if we start creating a personalized learning experience for the students we can easily understand and address the learning gaps in their education. This is what AI would do. The Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS), powered by AI, have the capability to determine a student’s strengths and weaknesses and then create personalized learning content for the student.
These systems collect data based on how a student responds while learning. For example, the system might collect points on the basis of how many steps the student did to solve the problem, what his approach was to solve a particular question and where he stopped for assistance. This powerful technique can create a comfortable self-paced learning experience for the students. Also, there won’t be any compromise in the quality of teaching where there is a shortage of teachers.

2. Assistance beyond the classrooms

Apart from the teachers, tutors or parents, artificial intelligence can now offer excellent academic support to students outside the classroom for coping with their studies, assignments, and tests. AI can help in constructing advanced study programs and lessons that can teach the fundamentals to the students, for example, basic mathematics, writing skills, and science. It will not be a surprise that more and more students will soon rely on AI tutors to increase their understanding of various concepts, and find answers to questions and concerns that their teachers and parents are not able to address readily.

3. Addressing the gaps in teaching

Teachers are always struggling hard to make every lesson effective for the students. AI can help them a lot in finding ways to improvise their teaching methods and material. AI Technology can interpret the study material that a teacher uses in the classroom and assess it. This would help the teachers in creating content that can engage the students actively in the learning process. Such intelligent systems would also help in creating customized textbooks for the students by assessing the curriculum and the course outlines.

4. Providing effective feedback

AI can not only help in enhancing the learning and teaching experiences but it can also keep a check on the progress of the whole process. For example, with AI, teachers can monitor whether the students are performing well in a course or not. Teachers can find the areas where there is a scope for improvement so that the students no more need to struggle with the course. AI systems can provide feedback to the students as well, if they are going great or if they need to improve. This change would indeed make the learning process much effective for the students.

5. Automating the administrative tasks

The process of evaluation and grading can be easily paced up with AI. By automating these tasks teachers can find a significant amount of time to focus on the major tasks such as interacting with students, preparing lesson plans and enhancing their own skills. You might have already come across the automatic grading systems for all types of ‘multiple choice questions’ and ‘fill in the blanks’ type of testing. AI can further level-up this task by automating the evaluation and grading of written work as well.
Not only this, AI can easily reduce the amount of work that the administrators of the educational institutions have to do at the time of admissions and in providing constant student support. Chatbots and dynamic websites can automate their tasks as well.

5. Changing the concept of classroom teaching

The concept of online education and flipped classroom is already conquering the world. Automating the teaching, learning and administrating processes would give rise to the self-paced learning culture. The concept of traditional classrooms may change tremendously with the introduction of AI. There is no doubt that one day AI systems would help the students in learning the advanced skills and not just the fundamentals.
AI would give rise to what we call as Mastery-based learning where the students would not only get a personalized learning environment but would move forward in the course when they would truly master a topic, in no rush, taking their time to learn that topic.
This is just the beginning. AI can and is making a huge impact on the education system throughout the globe. It has the power to change the static and generalized education system and transform it into a more fun, exciting, practical and engaging process. AI can also help in diversifying the roles of a teacher as a facilitator and instructor who has the right skills and knowledge. This powerful blend of AI technology and extraordinary training skills would indeed be able to provide higher quality education to the students.
Author Bio:-
Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of Transtutors, a leading Online Education platform for college students. Having graduated from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Delhi, Aditya has a personal interest in helping students.
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