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The Chain Of Command

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1 Corinthians 11:3 But I would have you know that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.

Back in JSS, as a cadet commander, One thing i held in high esteem was the chain of command; who to report to at which stage and who to take instructions from.

On the parade grounds, you have who made sure every one was well dressed and falling in before reporting to senior ranks to take charge of the parade.

On a normal day, you paid compliments to any senior rank you meet no matter the person’s age or qualification.

I remember we went for an event with some SSS cadet corps and i got up for a junior rank who was in SSS to sit and my instructor told me it was not done, because i had a higher rank i should be seated. even though i was in JSS.

There is chain of command in almost all institutions, and we pay respect to the heads even when in our eyes they don’t deserve the respect. But by virtue of the fact that they are heads, we just cant help it.

Lets bring it down to our homes. the Bible has stated categorically that the chain of command is supposed to be God-Christ-Man-Woman

See no matter how enlightened we are, we cannot go against God’s order and have peace. We need to go by this to have peace in our homes. The good news is we are not helpless. We choose who we allow in our lives and who we want to be our covering.

Before you get married, ask yourself these questions;

Am I willing to submit to the authority of this man?

Am I willing to align my will to his?

Can I respect him?

Am I willing to step aside and let him lead?

Will I be comfortable if he has the final say?

I am by no means saying that you should be a door mat or a walk over. All i am saying is in your choosing, choose wisely. If you marry someone whose authority you cannot submit to or someone you think is not wise enough and does not deserve your respect, you are the one who will stay with the burden and rid yourself of your peace of mind. But if you marry a man whose will is aligned to God and he willingly submits to the authority of Christ, it will be easier for you to be submitted to him.

The chain of command is real. So many marriages have broken down because of the change in roles in our homes.

If you are not yet married, spend time with your maker. And prayerfully choose your life partner. Because it is only God who can reveal the secret things in the heart of man to you. And he knows what is best for you. Don’t just choose what is handsome or something that glitters. Be led by the Holy Spirit to make the right choices.

Remember, God will not impose anyone on you.But when you seek him, He will guide you to what is good and perfect for you.


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