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eSports events such as the Golden Hour eSports tournament, Gamers Lounge Inter-campus tournament, Hitz FM Rep Ur jersey and the Ghana master league will undoubtedly be among the biggest eSports events in Ghana for the year 2020.

After a successful 2019 with lots of eSports events happening, the eSports scenery in Ghana is set for a packed and intriguing year in 2020. In 2019, several events were organized by the various eSports groups in Ghana to promote eSports in Ghana.

So looking forward to this year, what are those events that we think will make 2020 better than 2019 in the eSports industry for Ghanaians? In this article, we take a look at the biggest events in Ghana to look forward to in 2020 which includes the Golden hour eSports tournament, Gamers Lounge Inter-campus tournament, Hitz FM Rep Ur Jersey and the Ghana master league.

The top eSports events in Ghana for 2020

Gamers Lounge Inter-campus tournament

The 2019/2020 edition of the Gamers Lounge Inter-campus tournament began last year with qualifiers being held at three universities across the country.

Last year, University of Professional Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and Academic City University College held their qualifiers with about 8 FIFA players qualifying for the next round of the competition.

eSports events

In 2020, the rest of the qualifiers will be held in universities such as the University of Cape Coast, University of Legon and many others before the main finals will be held later in the year. There is also a huge probability that the 2020/2021 season will commence in the latter part of 2020.

Gamers Lounge is organizing the Gamers Lounge inter-campus tournament qualifiers with support from Get4Less, one of the best electronic shops in Ghana.

Golden Hour eSports tournament

The Golden Hour eSports tournament was one of the events that lit up the eSports industry in Ghana in the year 2019, and there is every chance of it getting better this year.

The tournament which was organized by Giiks Game City saw about six FIFA players in Ghana coming up against each other in an all play tournament.

For over six weeks Habib Sulley, Aspect,  Wondhakhid, Kiki, Messi and Saint Starson battled against each other and in the end, saw Wondhakhid being crowned the winner of the tournament.

The tournament will be back again this year and according to the Projects Director of Giiks Game City, this year’s event could include many more players from across the country.

He said, “So Golden Hour is not for just gamers of GGC. It’s going to be for all the gaming communities, but to set the ball rolling we want to use the top participants from our past events for this year’s edition. We will later write official letters to all the gaming communities and whoever is interested can join us for the subsequent editions”.

Hitz Fm Rep Ur Jersey eSports event

In 2019, Hitz Fm one of the premier radio stations in Ghana partnered with eSports Ghana, one of the eSports groups in Ghana to organize the Hitz Fm Rep Ur Jersey event.

Last year, the event was organized on the day of the Champions League final and the President of eSports Ghana indicated that it was a move to help promote eSports in Ghana.

“The eSports industry in Ghana needs exposure through events such as the HitzFm Rep Ur Jersey,” said Kwesi Hayford, the President of eSports Ghana. “We are very positive that with the love that many Ghanaians, especially the youth, have for the Uefa Champions league we will be able to reach a lot of people in our attempt to promote eSports in the country”.

The event could be big this year after because it gained more popularity last year and could well be one of the exciting eSports events in the country.

Ghana Master League

The Ghana Master league is organized every year by Madagastar eSports and was one of the best eSports events in Ghana for the year 2019.

The Ghana master league has been running for three years now since its inception in 2017 and continued last year with about 80 players participating in the tournament.

More international friendlies?

2019 also several international friendlies being organized between Ghana and other foreign countries. Notable of them were those against Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, with Ghana winning the former encounter and losing the latter.

This year there could be more of these friendlies being organized by either eSports Ghana or any eSports group in Ghana.

Another Gaming conference?

The Ghana eSports industry arguably got to its peak in 2019 through the gaming conference organized by one of the biggest telecommunication networks in Ghana, MTN.

The MTN Ghana gaming conference which has been touted as the saviour of eSports in Ghana saw in attendance prominent personalities in the industry including Isaiah Triforce Johnson, who was a guest speaker at the event.

eSports events

There is no doubt that most stakeholders in the eSports industry in Ghana will be hoping that MTN organizes a second edition of the MTN gaming conference. But of course, if a gaming conference is organized by any corporate body than MTN, it will be warmly welcomed.


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