best 4G LTE service providers to consider in Ghana

5G network is out this year, but it isn’t available everywhere yet, the whole Africa included. And with the technological infrastructure in Africa, I think the 5G network will take a while to reach here. That means we would have to continue craving for better 4G LTE networks, especially in Ghana.

The 4G LTE, being the fastest network yet in Ghana, is being served by a few companies in the telecommunication industry. Let’s see those companies with the best 4G LTE networks in Ghana.

Best 4G LTE networks in Ghana


Surfline Ghana is the first company to starting serving Ghanaians with the 4G network and as well one of the top options you turn to when you’re looking for the best 4G LTE network in the country. The unfortunate side of Surfline is, the service isn’t available in more than 90% of the country.

The company recently did an expansion in which the service is available in Takoradi, Kasoa, etc. Before then, it was only available in a few places in Accra and Tema. Aside from that, the network has excellent service, and it is a recommended 4G LTE network in Ghana.

Those on Surfline regularly enjoy promos, and that makes the network one of the top ones. These are its data plans and prices at the time of writing. Note that Surfline SIM cards cannot be used for phone calls.

MTN 4G/4G+

MTN Ghana is both a Mobile Network Operator and an Internet Service Provider. Being one of the top mobile network operators in the country, MTN Ghana also has an excellent 4G network. This has also been reinforced by the introduction of the 4G+ network in March 2019.

Its 4G service covers more areas than any other service provider in Ghana. And, its 3G has almost a 100% coverage of the country. MTN officially launched the TurboNet router in May for its subscribers to enjoy a fast network either in the house or office.

Busy Internet

Probably the oldest ISP-only company still operational in Ghana, Busy Internet has been working in the country for over 15 years now. Just like Surfline, it is still not a Mobile Network Operator; thus, its SIM cards can’t be used for phone calls. The company has a pocket router that uses the SIM card.

The company in June 2019, named Madam Rosy Fynn as the new head of the company. At the time of writing, no other places aside the few places in the Greater Accra Region had coverage of Busy Internet’s 4G LTE service.

Vodafone 4G

Vodafone Ghana is the newest addition to the 4G LTE network providers list. The company copped the 4G spectrum last year and started deploying it in March this year. Vodafone having a 4G LTE network makes it the second of the only two Mobile Network Operators (MNO) that provide the service aside MTN.

As an MNO, you can use Vodafone’s 4G SIM cards for calls as well.


Blu is also one of the best 4G LTE network providers in Ghana. This service, though not as popular as Surfline, was started in September 2014, after the launch of Surfline in Ghana. The 4G LTE network of Blu covers only a few places in the capital. Thus, you can access it in Cape Coast, Kumasi, and other major cities in the country. This company an Internet Service Provider-only, just like Surfline and Busy Internet. So, it is only for browsing via supported devices that the company makes available.

Closing the curtain

These listed companies we can say are the best when it comes to providing the best 4G LTE network in Ghana. As time goes, other companies will surely jump in. So until 5G hits Ghana, I guess we should keep enjoying the best 4G’s we have available.


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