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I will advise that you start looking for another news item to read if you are terrified of spiders. Scientists and inventors at Festo have designed a very awesome robotic spider — not only does this robotic spider possess the characteristics of an actual spider , it can roll up like a ball and somersault.

The spider robot has been given the name BionicWheelbot. Like, the Wright brothers, who got inspiration from birds to design an aeroplane, the scientist and inventors at Festo was also inspired by a breed of spider called the Flic – flac spider  – a species discovered in the Erg Chebbi desert on the edge of the Sahara in 2008.

The Flic – Flac Spider Who Gave Birth To The Invention Of BionicWheelbot

The flic-flac spider can walk like other spiders, but can also also propel itself into the air, with a combined sequence of somersaulting and rolling on the ground. The flic – flac spider and BionicWheelbot shares almost all similarities except for their appearance and a few differences. Notable of their differences is, while the flic – flac spider can propel itself into the air with combined sequence of somersaulting and also rolling on the ground, the robotic spider BionicWheelbot can only roll up like a ball on the ground.

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