Terragon unveils proprietary software for Africa:

Terragon, a popular data analytics, and marketing cloud company has unveiled its first-of-its-kind customer data software in Africa, in partnership with a top brewer in Nigeria, to provide customized brand experiences to customers.

Terragon has grown from being a mobile ad network and broad digital media agency to an enterprise software business that uses AI and data science to provide connections at scale for mobile-first markets.

Terragon CEO, Elo Umeh had this to say, “Our journey and past experiences arm us with the assets and competencies a highly differentiated data analytics company requires. This is why in an age where everybody has a computer in his or her pocket, we have built a software-driven product, offering leading brands an enterprise tool to identify, engage, interact and measure in real-time what customers are doing.”

“The growing majority of the population presents a significant opportunity for beer consumption in Nigeria, one of Africa’s top ten beer-drinking countries. Partnerships such as this help to find answers to questions of identity, needs and motivation for customer-centric brands both online and offline. Terragon will, therefore, support the beer industry and other key verticals, through partnerships such as this, to deliver very personalized experiences for their portfolio of brands.”

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