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Samsung Mobile has come a very long way with its Galaxy range of devices especially that of its S-series range of flagship devices. Each flagship since the dawn of its age has continuously been introducing superb new features that you won’t mind emptying your pockets or bank account for.

The latest S-series is the “almighty” Galaxy S9 and S9+ which really is worth every dime only if you want to own one. In this write-up, I have collated the best ten features or things embedded in these devices that are worth knowing and sharing.

  1. The camera of these two flagships is so mind-blowing. The dual camera setup adapts just like the human eye as it features dual apertures of F2.4 and F1.5 respectively that captures superb pictures under very good lighting or low or much lower lighting.
  2. Built-in is multi-image processing sensors that let you have your perfect picture right after taking shots. This technology features: Noise Reduction Technology along with Multi-frame Processing Technology
  3. The camera again features a Super Slow-motion technology to slow down time and capture the hidden moments with up to 960fps (frames per seconds) thus 4x faster than the usual.
  4. Loop moments on your pictures with SuperSpeed Dual Pixel Sensor
  5. Bixby Live Translation that translates any inscriptions in any language within a second
  6. Powering the devices is Qualcomm’s Artificial Intelligent (AI) powered chipset: Snapdragon 845
  7. The camera turns into an Augmented Reality (AR) Emoji that help you create your replica as in the form of an emoji.
  8. Packed with ATMOS Dolby dual Speakers that give you the surround sound you need & a headphone jack to connect to your favourite headphone
  9. Dual security feature: fingerprint sensor & iris intelligent scanner that unlock at a blink
  10. Take screenshots in four different ways: button combo, palm swipe, scrolling capture & Bixby’s voice

These are the best features so far on the Galaxy S9 and S9+ flagships. The new Galaxy flagships really is a powerhouse and worth every dime of yours.

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