CUBE, a startup that exclusively develops software solutions and artificial intelligence has released Finance plus (F+), an entirely new software portal for banks, savings and loans companies, microfinance and credit unions who want to accelerate their growth and require unique features.

CUBE realized that each financial institution has its own significant core functions and products so F+ was created as a skeleton to suit the uniqueness of every brand. It is very easy to use and comes with security features as well to avert cyber attacks.

The enhanced features are:

Security: Data breaches are serious problems for financial institutions because it leads to customer insecurity and chaos. Protect your information with F+.

Date: Predict and proactively offer services in real time. Enhance your growth through improved data analysis.

Productivity: F+ is designed with easy navigation and multi-tasking abilities. Keep your institution running at top speed and efficiency.

User Interface and Experience: The design is everything, allowing clerks to complete daily work with ease. Beautiful user interface with enhanced colour effects to drive productivity.

SUSU App: The mobile app for your customers to do easy banking. Built with clean user interface and easy navigation to help customers monitor their balances, get account alerts, check deposits and so much more.

“F+ combines incredible in-depth security and growth assessment features as the team worked on this for quite a while,” said Kelvin Osei Poku, CUBE founder. “Any product with a manual is a failure so we specially made F+ with amazing designs and few buttons which makes it fun to use and avoid the frustration of clerks during work,” said Dennis Kwadwo Appiah, CUBE co-founder.

The purpose of F+ is to invigorate security risks through complex computer code and transform the way financial institutions handle large data. The CUBE team has said that they will transform the financial industry for the better with F+ and new products on the way which the co-founders’ hint will help the banks compete with telecommunications’ mobile money software. Website:

For more information, visit or email us via [ ] Call us on +233243173384/+233247872952

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