Working remotely? Best countries to do so


Cybersecurity firm NordLayer published a list of top countries for remote work, with Germany being number one. It was followed by Denmark, the USA, Spain, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Sweden, Estonia, Singapore, and France. The report evaluated 66 countries in total.

The Cyber Security Poverty Line: If we don’t address the least prepared, the most prepared will suffer

The Cyber Security Poverty Line

For the many cybersecurity practitioners living in the shadow of threat actors and adversaries, I can’t even imagine what the battle is like, and for businesses still struggling to establish a baseline cybersecurity solution for their operations, I commend your efforts. We are all living on the edge in anticipation of an attack soon to come, already in place but haven’t been detected yet, or recovering from a terrible attack.

Cybersecurity on the go, lookout data security

Cybersecurity on the Go, Lookout Data Security

Cybersecurity is essential to modern living. Perhaps you do not understand why this is, or why it is imperative you practice proper online safety. For those of you not in the know, there are a lot of dangers online, lurking using dark web browsers and hiding behind proxies and malicious software.