2022 is finally here and we’re looking forward to a new year of technology and evolutions in the Ghanaian tech ecosystem. To ring in the new year, we sat together and brainstormed five items or trends we’re excited to see in 2022.

Here are five tech trends we hope to see in 2022 in the Ghana Tech Ecosystem:

Online Stock Trading

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Buying and selling of stocks became really popular last year because of apps like Robinhood and Bamboo. In Ghana, there are currently no ways for the average customer to purchase stocks in the local or foreign market. In 2022, we hope to see that change.

Hopefully, we will see the popular stock trading app, Bamboo, move into the Ghanaian market this year. We also know that a rep from the Ghana Stock Exchange stated that current and potential investors would be able to get easy access to the stock market digitally.

Cryptocurrency Regulation

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Cryptocurrency is almost inescapable at this point. The US major crypto trading platform, CoinbaseIPO’d last year, El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender for purchases and crypto adoption on the African continent is every increasing with Nigeria leading the way.

It might be time for the local regulator, the Bank of Ghana, to take a look at Cryptocurrency regulation. Regulation would mean fintech can officially start offering the chance for users to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies.

Electric Vehicles Adoption

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Last year, the Government Of Ghana started drafting an official policy for Electric Vehicles in Ghana. This is a good sign for the adoption of EVs in Ghana. Local companies like SolarTaxi and Kofa are pushing are already spearheading electric vehicles and bikes and officially legislation might help.


What needs to happen next is the creation of a network of charging stations to help with the charging of EVs for early users. Maybe 2022 will see the early adoption of EVs in Ghana. Fingers crossed.

E-Sports Growth And Support

It’s still early but we’re hoping to see more growth in the E-Sports industry. This year, the Ghana E-Sports Association joined the international Esports federation which helps with the spotlight on esports in Ghana.

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A new and very advanced gaming centre called Arena233 opened up which should help with the increase in visibility for gaming centres in Ghana.

Open Banking Regulation

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Last year, the Bank of Ghana announced that they were opening a regulatory and innovation sandbox for fintech developers. We don’t have much information on the sandbox but it would be great if the Bank of Ghana started regulation on “Open Banking”.

With this policy, it would make it easy for fintech to allow users to easily create bank accounts or access their bank data through third-party apps

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