top tech headlines this week on — May 18, 2019

Kumasi-based won the 2019 ASME ISHOW competition. Rumours of the weird iPhone XI camera gets backed up by leaked iPhone case. OnePlus reveals its next powerful smartphone. These are some of the top tech headlines that appeared on this week.

Tech headlines this week

Kumasi-based Sesi Technologies adjudged winner at the 2019 ASME ISHOW Global Competition in Kenya

Kumasi-based agritech startup, Sesi Technologies Ltd., has been adjudged one of the three winners at the 2019 ASME ISHOW Global Competition which took place in Nairobi, Kenya. The ASME ISHOW… READ MORE


The ugly iPhone 11 camera design may be true after all; two leaked iPhone case renders suggest  

As usual, the yet-to-be-released iPhone model “leaks” have started coming in. Leaked renders of the next iPhone model, suspected to be called the “iPhone XI” or “iPhone 11”, are already… READ MORE


What you should know about prepaid cards: A detailed guide

Are you thinking about applying for a prepaid card?  Then you will be joining million other users who are using prepaid cards. There are several prepaid cards available in the… READ MORE


Video: Tecno Spark 3 Unboxing (1GB Variant)

The Tecno Spark 3, succeeding the Spark 2, comes with cool features fit for a budget phone. Check out my unboxing of the 1GB RAM variant below. Tecno Spark 3… READ MORE


New feature on Play Store could save storage on your Android phone

Mostly, Android phones get filled up quick because of the numerous apps and games on the Google Play Store. You will always be tempted to download and try each app… READ MORE


Kids as young as eight can learn how to code with the games from Endless

The founder of Endless, Matt Dalio, together with his team at the Endless Studios, has created some games with which kids can learn how to code.  These games can be… READ MORE


OnePlus 7 Pro: the latest fast smartphone in town; Check its features

OnePlus smartphone company is here again with another beast phone which is supposed to reverse the flaws and flops in the previously released 6T. The new one, OnePlus 7 Pro….READ MORE


Vū-Mē content sharing app live at Vodafone Ghana Music Awards

User-generated content sharing platform Vū-Mē, available for free on IOS and Android, has partnered with the 2019 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards to stream the May 18th awards presentation to application… READ MORE


When it makes sense to outsource FinTech software development

The integration between technology and finance has given rise to a whole new, and fast-growing, industry known as FinTech. Long gone are the day where you need to pay a… READ MORE


Full specs of the OnePlus 7 Pro is here; discover what the phone is bringing

Here are the full specs of the newly launched OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone. The phone is pegged to sell at a base price of $670 (₵3,450). Sales of the OnePlus… READ MORE


Here are the top smartphones with 48MP cameras

Cameras, these days, a major factor for saying a phone is top-notch or not. And if a phone has a good camera setup, it is sure to cost you more… READ MORE


Here’s how to take screenshots on all the different iPads

Taking screenshots is a way to help you keep some information real quick. All you need to do capture the screen and the information is saved in the form of… READ MORE


4 tips on how to identify a scammy webshop

If you are a social media user, you have probably stumbled upon updates tagging several people promoting a sale or a special promotion for one product or another. These are… READ MORE


Understanding the costs associated with a walk-in cooler

If you’re a business owner, you always want to ensure that the operational costs are low as possible. Energy costs can run into thousands of dollars if there are no… READ MORE


Android market share on the rise again in Ghana

Ghana’s community of smartphone users appears to be embracing Android’s operating system once again, as its market share has risen since the start of 2019 according to new data from… READ MORE




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