Taxify partners Vivo Energy Ghana to reduce cost of business for its drivers

Taxify partners Vivo Energy Ghana to reduce cost of business for its drivers, tech news ghana, taxify ghana

Ride hailing app, Taxify, has partnered with Vivo Energy Ghana; marketers and distributors of Shell branded products and services in Ghana — to introduce a cost-reducing initiative for drivers doing business on their platform, in Accra.

Starting next month, eligible Taxify drivers will make minimum savings of 3 pesewas per litre when filling up using the Ezypass fuel card at Shell service stations.

Under terms of the partnership, Taxify drivers who achieve set targets will be rewarded with Vivo Energy’s Ezypass Visa-enabled fuel card, which can be used across the over 103 Shell service stations nationwide.

Taxify has also said that fuel vouchers worth GHS70  would be given to (up to) 400 eligible drivers each week.

Nonso Onwuzulike, Taxify’s City Manager said one of the key challenges that drivers face is the rising cost of fuel; and the partnership will enable drivers to cut-down on their fuel expenditure — reducing their cost of being in business.

“One of the biggest costs for our drivers in Accra is the cost of fuel. Our focus as a company has always been to provide bespoke business solutions that reduces their cost of doing business on our platform. It is in fulfilment of this commitment that we have partnered with Vivo Energy Ghana to ensure that our drivers are able to make some cost savings where it truly matters to them” – Nonso Onwuzulike

He went on to add that “The ripple effects of this is more money to cater for their families and the people they love and a better, more reliable service to the people of Accra. We’ve seen that the happier drivers are, the better the experience they provide to their passengers.”

Commenting on the partnership, Jerry Boachie Danquah, Marketing Manager of Vivo Energy Ghana, said it fulfills Vivo Energy’s commitment to providing more convenient and cost effective solutions for commercial customers — via longer lasting Shell FuelSave fuels, improving efficiency, and getting them a little further on each tank.

Mr Kwesi Twum, who is a client of Taxify commended the company for the initiative; believing it will go a long way to help drivers on the platform reduce their high cost of operation — enabling them make extra savings on their fuel cost to cater to their other needs.

Taxify is a leading ride-hailing platform, that connects millions of passengers and drivers around the world — making travel easier, quicker and more reliable. The European company’s efficient and tech-enabled business model benefits both drivers who have to pay a smaller commission as well as passengers who end up paying less for their ride.

Taxify, which launched in 2013 is one of the fastest-growing ride-hailing platform in Europe and Africa with investors including Daimler, Didi Chuxing and Korelya Capital. It has more than 15 million users in over 25 countries and 60 cities globally.


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