Ghana’s Ministry of Communications has issued a release via its Public Relations office that a day has been set aside to promote the inspiration of pushing young females in the field of ICT. As a member state of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Ghana will mark the 2019 National Girls in ICT Day on Monday, May 27, 2019.

Thus, the 2019 Girls in ICT celebration will take place at the Takoradi Technical University, in the Western Region. The celebration is under the global theme: “Expanding Horizons and Changing Attitudes”.

From 9 Western Region districts, 560 junior high school students are selected to join an ICT program to be trianed. To encourage these students the more, an award scheme for the best performing students has been set up.

Organisations also having interests in females in tech also joined the training of the students. Fifty trainers were provided by the Ghana Education Service to teach the 560 students. Afiba Consult and the Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications (GIFEC) are also in support of the 2019 Girls in ICT Day celebrations.

On Sunday, May 26, top women in the country’s ICT sector will meet the students and have talks with them. The talks will be centred on the growing and rewarding careers in ICT as the sector is marked by a pressing need for a wide range of ICT talents.

The Ministry of Communications has the mandate to promote access to ICT among girls and teachers in the country. As part of that mandate, the Ministry of Communications is calling upon parents and teachers to encourage girls towards science subjects (STEM).

The Ministry also wants more girls to take up careers in ICT.



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