synchronize your android phone and pc
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What do you do when you are on the go and an idea pops up? What do you do when a crazy idea comes up when you are in a moving public vehicle or in a noisy/crowded public place? Or maybe, you’re at a party and something inspires you to add up to a document you are preparing back home.

For me, as a content writer and a poet, I usually get inspired a lot in awkward places. I keep all my files on my laptop but I obviously don’t carry my laptop with me everywhere. Even when I do, the nature of our public transport and my safety won’t allow me to bring it out when there is the need to add something to my work.

Usually, you will be advised to carry a pen and a little notebook around when for you to put down ideas. That is not bad at all but when it gets to the point where you need to type everything you have on the paper onto your PC, it may become an issue so what do you do? There is an easier method.

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If you are like me and you have almost all your work stuff on your PC, having access to it anywhere and anytime is very crucial. Your android phone is a tool you carry along with you everywhere–even in the loo. So why don’t you make good use of it? Various solutions have been developed to help you work on the same document between your phone and PC seamlessly.

Sometimes, I use Google docs. With Google’s cloud storage system, I can access my documents anywhere both on my phone and PC once I’m connected to the internet and with my gmail account. Any addition I make is auto-saved. I can also download, print or do anything I want with it. You can visit to know more.

Additionally, you may directly synchronize your android phone and PC using these simple methods:

Synchronize your android phone and PC

First of all, you need to connect your phone to your computer through your Microsoft account. To do this it is necessary:

  • press the Win button
  • open Settings by clicking on the gear icon just above the Win button
  • click on the Phone settings and add your mobile device
  • Microsoft will send a text message with a link to the Microsoft Launcher app
  • install and start the app
  • select Start
  • customize the app as needed.

Having done this you need to log in to your Microsoft account (essential for synchronization). If everything went as expected, when you look on your computer, you should see your phone listed in the Phone settings menu.

Install the applications

At this point it is necessary to proceed in this way:

  • download the Microsoft Apps program from the Play Store.
  • open the app to view the list of available Microsoft products
  • download the favorite apps

Synchronize Office

The most important application under this point of view is the Office suite with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint on all. If you did not know, this software are also available on Android and, in this sense, represent the top regarding the potential of synchronization.

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To test its potential, you can open the app, work on your mobile project and save it on OneDrive.

Once the file is saved and closed it will also automatically update on your computer app. Of course, it also works from PC to mobile.

Synchronize the browser

If you have a Google account you’ll know how favorites are always synchronized on every device that uses the profile in question.

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