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As we pray against the government enforcing a complete lockdown because of the coronavirus, it still does not hurt to be prepared. A lockdown simply means leaving the house will no longer be an option and all outings will be prohibited. To helps you cope, Here’s how to survive a coronavirus lockdown in Nigeria:

1. Don’t panic: Even if panicking is like a reflex action, you can choose not to. It was evident when Nigerians started flooding stores as soon as the Lagos state government announced that all schools in the state will be closed from Monday the 23rd of March. Relax, because panic can lead to things worse than getting infected.

2. Make a list: Make a list of the things needed at home during a potential lockdown then break it down further into essential items and non-essential items. Vital items include food, drugs, toiletries, water, fuel and so on, focus on getting them.

3. Power: You must start to think about when and for how long your generator will run during a potential lockdown period. PHCN should still do their job, but even inverter owners should still work on a schedule depending on the electricity supply in their location.

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4. Food: This is also a good time to work on a food timetable. It is best to consider portion control and tell your children to stop wasting food. Every meal that is wasted in a lockdown period might attract serious consequences.

5. Recreation & Exercise: The fact that there is a lockdown does not mean you should not work out. You can still schedule early morning walks, partake in a dance routine and so on. However, do the workouts on your own and avoid going to the gym.

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