Survival Insights: Top 5 tips to enjoy your trip to Singapore

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Singapore is well-known for all the best reasons. One may think that visiting the state has guaranteed satisfaction. But if the time comes to visit for business or vacation, travellers will require some survival tips to enjoy their trip to the Lion City. Amazingly, all of the tips we will share here are easy to achieve without a lot of effort. It is a matter of making simple decisions. Read on to learn more.

Understand the Weather

One of the challenges that face travellers to Singapore is the weather. Since it is an Island, you should expect high humidity and temperatures. This tropical climate could go all year round, making it easier to prepare. Light cotton clothes and open shoes are the most popular. However, that does not mean you will not put on a suit when going for business meetings. But you will need to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Use Public Transport

This is one great tip to save on costs. Public transport in Singapore is well-organised and reaches almost all parts of the city. The most common and best public transportation is rail. It is safe, fast, and convenient. On the other hand, you may use a taxi and private means to reach places that are not covered by public transport or when you are late. For this, expect to spend a little more.

Enjoy the Best Views of the Town

There is no doubt that Singapore is amazingly beautiful. That is why you should visit the Visa Express website and start planning your trip to Singapore. If you need to see this beauty to believe, there are various places you can visit. One popular location is the Singapore Flyer. This observation wheel gives an opportunity to view the entire city aboard the thrilling ride. There is also the Marina Bay Sands, which includes rooftop restaurants, bars, and even a swimming pool.

Eat Where Locals Eat

Apart from giving you unforgettable moments as you eat with the locals, you will also save money. But where do the locals eat? Well, Singapore has famous food courts called hawkers markets. They serve equally good food at a fair price. They have a wide variety depending on the cuisine you want to sample. For instance, many places sample Malay, Chinese, and Indian cuisines.

Drip Tap Water

Although buying bottled water makes people feel safe when they are in foreign countries, Singapore assures everyone that their tap water is safe for drinking. The state has some of the best water treatment and recycling centres with modern technology. They provide safe water to all places on the entire island to promote healthy living. All you need is a bottle to get a refill at various water taps throughout the city.


With the above survival tips, your trip to Singapore will remain memorable for the rest of your life. You can check more online to make the trip even better. You can rest assured that these tips are practical and reliable. Most people who have used them will agree on how useful they are.

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