Hey Surfline customers, did you hear about the “Surfline in My Life” promo yet? One of the vibrant internet service providers in Ghana, Surfline Ghana, is rolling out a new promo to reward its loyal customers for just for using the Surfline internet service.

The company is out with the “Surfline in My Life” promo, which wants Surfline customers to record and upload on social media a personal video, with the hashtag, #SurflineInMyLife. In the 60 seconds video, the customer will show what he or she uses the Surfline internet service to do.

Also, the customers will, in the video, tell how the Surfline internet service has been of real help to them. And for just that, the customer stands the chance of winning the reward.

What’s the reward for the “Surfline in My Life” challenge?

The Surfline company says it will choose the best two exceptional videos out of all the videos and the reward those customers. The chosen two will “stay at the plush Ibis Styles Hotel” in Accra for 2 nights. And it is all paid for.

Surfline customers should not forget to add the hashtag, #SurflineInMyLife, when they are uploading the videos to any social platform.

The promo is running from now till the end of this month — September 30, 2019.

Other Surfline Promos

Recently, the internet service provider introduced another promo, the Surfline Extra Time Offer. This promo was giving free 1GB sponsored data to its customers to complete their online activities. This package was brought to help the customer get back online whenever they are out of data.

Unfortunately, the Surfline Extra Time Packages was not for all customers. It was available for Surfline customers on the Surfplus (All Weather) bundle plan only. Within that plan, only the subscribers that purchase the 30 days and above validity bundles are eligible.

For Surfline subscribers on the “SURF bundles” (old offer), they have to go for the above Surfplus bundle to enjoy the offer. To upgrade and enjoy that offer, go to Surfline’s data plans page and choose.

Surfline Ghana is an internet service provider in Ghana. It has been operating in the country for 4 years now. It is among the first internet service providers that introduced the 4G internet service in the country.

The other ISPs providing 4G service to their customers include the top two mobile telecommunications companies, MTN and Vodafone.

The others, which are not mobile telecoms but have 4G services, are Busy Ghana, Goldkey Telecoms, Telesol, Blu, Parrallel Wireless and Zipnet.


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