Locally owned telecoms company Surfline communications will be celebrating its 7th anniversary this August. Despite fierce competition in the internet data space, Surfline has consistently realigned its strategies to adjust to the competitive environment.

The post-pandemic era has challenged most companies in Ghana to serve their customers while finding new ways to generate new acquisitions.

Globally, companies are increasingly changing how they connect and serve by rolling out digital initiatives aimed at improving customer retention and breaking down barriers to new opportunities. Surfline’s digital transformation efforts during this pandemic era has been the key to its survival.

For its people, Surfline introduced a work from home policy that enables employees the ability to check in and work in a virtual ecosystem. Surfline successfully transitioned more than 70% of its operations staff to work-from-home arrangements, equipping them with technology tools within 72 hours to ensure business continuity. Remote work is top of mind for many employees and companies, today, about 30 percent of Surfline’s employees work remotely. Surfline has found tools that help employees work collaboratively every day, regardless of location.

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In order to be truly customer-centric and serve customers efficiently, Surfline designed a digital strategy that identified and closed gaps from lead generation to closing a sale. Also as part of the digital strategy, Surfline redesigned its customer engagement model with the help of enterprise tools to help increase usage and retention on the network. These strategies have enabled Surfline to reach customers based on their geographical location and help scale faster to prevent inactivity.

Emerging technologies have impacted the way Surfline deals with its customers, partners and workforce. To ensure growth, Surfline has kept up with changes from the pandemic by implementing the right technologies and processes that are key to success. Surfline’s understanding of the current business environment – how a customer uses and interacts with existing technologies – to decide what they need to be more efficient has become pivotal.


The alignment successful alignment of people, processes and technology in Surfline’s case has made the company a driving force in becoming a digital-first business.

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About Surfline

Surfline Communications Limited is a Ghanaian-owned company that rolled out its 4G LTE service in Ghana starting in 2014. The service, which is available in Accra, Tema and Takoradi, offers many benefits to the Ghanaian data user in need of a good connection, fun and entertainment.

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