What is Surfline Car-Fi? Is the company making cars now? No, Surfline isn’t making cars. The company is just doing what it does best in a more innovative way.

Car-Fi is a new Wi-Fi product from Surfline and as the name suggests, it is made for use in the car. A small handy device, the Surfline Car-Fi has the ability to support 10 users at a go with download speed up to 150Mbps.

surfline Car-Fi

This device doesn’t need any batteries as it sources power directly from the 12V (cigarette lightning) port in the car. It charges two phones when connected as well.

The Surfline Car-Fi is perfect for ride-hailing drivers, corporate fleets, and car rental services. Families can also purchase it and get the whole family online while on the family trip.

Surfline Car-Fi is sold at Gh₵230. I recommend you get this device and turn your vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Visit any Surfline outlet for more enquiries or visit this page.

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