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With varying coverage, cost, speed, and connection type, there’s no one best internet provider for everyone. To find the best for you, first, figure out which are available where you live by speaking with the people who live in the same vicinity.

Take note; it is wrong to take advice or recommendation on which Internet Service Provider (ISP) is suitable from people living away from where you stay. If not for anything, don’t commit this mistake if you are in Ghana!

After three weeks of using Surfline AlwaysOn, this is my objective assessment of the all-new data Plan from Surfline Communication.

I need to make this clear; this is not a sponsored or paid review but my independent assessment.

Surfline AlwaysOn is a data plan that gives customers all-round unrestricted internet access all month long.

For this plan, Surfline is promising customers:

  1. No Data Caps: meaning, you and your family can stream all the video, music and content you want, zero limits.
  2. Data Never Stops: you have unlimited data to surf all you want worry-free. Your data never stops at any time during the month.
  3. Super Fast Speed: get super-fast speeds for all you want to do online.

Did I get what they promised? You will find out soon.

Before I dive into my review, let’s take a peep at the various data plans on the AlwaysOn.

There are three plans to choose from which includes:

  1. AlwaysOn (Standard), selling at GHc399 per month. This plan comes with unlimited usage of over 300GB a month with 10GB* daily allocation at max speed.
  2. AlwaysOn (Super), selling at GHc599 per month. his plan comes with unlimited usage of over 450GB a month with 15GB* daily allocation at max speed. Ideal for small small business.
  3. AlwaysOn (Ultra), selling at GHc799 per month. This plan comes with unlimited usage of over 600GB a month with 20GB* daily allocation at max speed. This is perfect for business with a big appetite for the internet.

Although there are no data caps with the AlwaysOn Plans, once you exhaust your daily allocation the speed throttles to 3mbps which is not so desirable but can still work fine. The max speed is automatically restored at midnight 00:00am.

My Experience with the Sufline AlwaysOn Plan

surfline Alwayon review
A Surfline Mifi with data reading on the alwaysOn (standard) plan.

I was subscribed to the alwaysOn (Standard plan), which goes for GHS399. In the picture above is my 5-year old Surfline Mifi. With the Standard plan, I am entitled to 10GB daily allocation at a max speed of up to 150Mbps (as purported by Surfline as their max speed).

On a typical day, I stay on the internet browsing, streaming music videos on YoutTube, downloading documents and applications I need for my work, updating my online platforms with content (video, text, and photos) and last but not least streaming video content on Netflix as shown in the picture below.

surfline Alwayon review
Netflix up and running with Internet provide by Surfline on the AlwaysOn (standard) plan.

My professional and personal life revolves around staying connected. I mustn’t compromise on quality when it comes to the Internet.

I rather pay for quality and get my job done in minutes or enjoy a movie within the stipulated time than go for something affordable just to spend 30 minutes for the same thing I can do in 5 minutes with better and faster internet.

I spend good money on Internet because I know how frustrating it is to be using a slow one. I simply can’t kill myself!

I like things to move rapidly for me. I will always take a flight to Kumasi than go by road. This should give you an appreciation of how fast I need my internet to be.

My experience with the Surfline’s AlwaysOn was very satisfactory.

Two main areas I wish to focus on:

1. Unlimited access

I didn’t have to worry about having to top-up before the month ends. I had unlimited access all month.

2. Reasonable latency

With one Internet service provider, I used in the past, watching movies on Netflix was not great! One bad experience was the frequent black screens on TV due to lost in connection. But on the Sufline AlwaysOn it is seamless. There were a few times when it buffers, but I rather deal with some few seconds buffering than get a black screen and have to restart my Netflix TV application. This is one good reason I trust 4G internet from Sufline.

Speed Testing

The above screenshot is a result of one of my speed test with This changes from time to time depending on many factors, especially location. With 8.3Mbps is fairly good, at least I have enjoyed using it.

There were moments when the speed wasn’t that best, but all I had to do was to restart my Mifi by turning it off and turning it back on. It is an old device, and I should consider replacing it soon. Maybe the age of the device could be negatively impacting the proper functioning of the service.

My thoughts

Surfline AlwaysOn is a good deal as compared to Surfline’s old Unlimited plan for the same amount. For individuals who live within the coverage areas of Surfline and are assured of constant connection by virtue of past experience with Surfline or knows someone using Surfline where they live, the AlwayOn will prove to be a good upgrade.

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