Surfline AlwaysOn bundle

Internet service provider, Surfline Ghana, has rolled out yet another exciting data plans for its customers. The Surfline AlwaysOn is a new data bundle to give customers all-round unrestricted internet access all month long.

Thus, the data packages allow subscribers to browse the internet, stream YouTube, download music, hop from one social platform to the other, etc. with zero limits. There is unlimited data to surf all you want worry-free. During the month of subscription, the data never stops at any time.

Another exciting news is that Surfline has multiple packs of the AlwaysOn data bundles. There are 3 different packs of this data package. We have the Standard AlwaysOn pack, the Super AlwaysOn pack, and the Ultra AlwaysOn pack.

Then the next question follows, “What is the difference between the 3 AlwaysOn data packages?” From the company, “the difference in the various packs has to do with the daily threshold allocations”. That is, the amount you can hit daily before you get throttled to 3Mps.

Surfline AlwaysOn Packages

Standard AlwaysOn pack

The Standard AlwaysOn pack gives you a daily threshold allocation of 10GB. That means you have 10GB to exhaust in a day. If you are able to hit the 10GB threshold, you can still browse at a throttled speed of 3Mbps for the rest of the day, which isn’t that bad.

The pack is going for GHS 399 all for unlimited internet access. There is no roll over with this but you can renew it every month.

Note that the daily thresholds are refreshed every day. The reset of the daily threshold happens at midnight (12:00 AM) every day. So from every midnight onwards, you have a refreshed 10GB daily threshold to hit.

Super AlwaysOn pack

This pack costs GHS 599. And for that, you will get a daily threshold of 15GB with max speed. Similar to the Standard pack, the Super pack also throttles down 3Mbps after you have hit the daily threshold point.

Also, your 15GB daily threshold gets refreshed every 24 hours at 12:00 AM. You’ll definitely have a great day ahead.

For 599 cedis, you get unrestricted data access, with a 15GB daily threshold. The pack can’t be rolled over or transferred but it renews each month. This pack is cool for businesses.

The Ultra AlwaysOn pack

For those who want more or even for businesses, Surfline has an even better AlwaysOn package you. That is the Ultra pack.

For this pack, you get a whopping 20GB daily threshold, which gets reset at 12:00 AM each day. The Ultra pack of the AlwaysOn bundle is valid for 30 days. And it is going for just GHS 799 for unrestricted data access throughout the whole month

Just like the other packs, there is no roll-over and you can’t transfer bundles. This is really for businesses.

Few things to know about the Surfline AlwaysOn bundles

  • The AlwaysOn bundles are only available on the new “AlwaysOn” service class.
  • Existing customers on “Individual”, “New Prepaid “and “Business” services class will have to migrate to the “AlwaysOn” service class to enjoy the new bundles.
  • Successful migrations will automatically extinguish all benefits enjoyed on the old. It’s advisable to use them up first.
  • The respective daily thresholds will reset to the default at 12 AM each day irrespective of the remaining data from the previous day’s allocation.
  • The daily threshold speed is not throttled. It is only the speed after hitting the daily threshold that is throttled to 3Mbps.
  • The AlwaysOn bundles have 30 days validity.
  • The daily threshold allocation is not rolled over.
  • AlwaysOn bundles cannot be transferred.
  • The daily threshold allocation will have a higher usage priority over any bonus data.

If you are already a Surfline customer and you want to migrate to the AlwaysOn service, make sure the bundle in the previous data plans are exhausted. This is because migration to AlwaysOn will automatically forfeit the remaining data and its associated benefits on the old plans.

If, for whatever reason, you want to revert from AlwaysOn to the previous plan you had, you can do so after 30 days from signing up to AlwaysOn. By that time the AlwaysOn bundle would have expired.

To buy the Surfline AlwaysOn data bundles, hop on to the AlwaysOn page. There are other sweet packages from Surfline, check them out.


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