When you are considering style ideas for building a patio, the idea is to create a patio that can provide you with a low maintenance entertainment or relaxation spot with outdoor furniture that can last through all the seasons.

Style ideas to make your Patio stand out:

  • Adding slabs at the corners may give your patio an exciting finish.
  • The grade level of the patio must be resistant and steady to accommodate foot traffic, patio furniture and other trimmings. For rough grading, you can include steps or terracing.
  • An umbrella or covering can provide you with shading if you would like to enjoy this space in the afternoon sun without too much exposure to direct sun rays.
  • Long-term maintenance options are essential as part of the planning phase.
  • Using small pavers can significantly improve the appearance of a small space by making it look bigger than it is.
  • You can create a Zen or interesting effect by adding features such as stone fountains or exotic plants surrounding the patio area.
  • You can cut down costs by combining less expensive materials with pricier options, for example, concrete and stone.

Different types of materials:

Your best solution is to speak to one of the reputable patio builders to decide which materials will be the best choice for you.


Flagstone is formed by naturally combining layers of clay, sand, organic sediments and minerals. These patios are remarkable, and the most popular choices are Arizona sandstone or Pennsylvania bluestone. However, the downside to using flagstone is that it is a difficult material to work with as they are heavy and have irregular sizes and shapes.

Clay Bricks

Claystone is a fantastic choice whether you are going for a present-time or a more orthodox look. This type of material is easy to lay and can be done by yourself as a DIY project. They are available in a selection of patterns and has a green status which makes them highly accessible.

Pavers For Patios

Stone or concrete pavers are the most preferred choices for patios as they are high in density, long-lasting, and less prone to fade like other materials.
They are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes and the installation process are not a complicated one.


There are usually two gravel choices when building a patio, namely crushed stone and river rock, and it has excellent draining capabilities when layed over a layer of landscaping fabric. The downside to using gravel is this type of material require high maintenance and are not as level as other options.


One of the most long-lasting and least expensive options, concrete is your ideal choice, especially if you want to dress it with decorative tiles. Unfortunately, concrete is susceptible to freeze-thaw cycles and cracking. One of the best advantages you’ll have is that you have unlimited choices for styling at your disposal since concrete can be shaped into different forms.

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