The University of Lagos is one of the best schools in Nigeria, and students cannot be admitted without a favourable score in their Post UTME examination. To help Nigerian Jambites who have it in mind to be a UNILAG undergraduate in the nearest future, here are study tips to help you pass your UNILAG Post UTME examination in 2020.
1. Have a high score mentality: Every serious student must have a goal that he or she wants to achieve. And as an aspiring undergraduate, you have to aim high and work towards it. As the saying goes, “Success does not come from wanting and waiting, but hard work, smart work, and enthusiasm.”
2. Study well: When you make up your mind to pass in flying colours, start preparing immediately to meet your target. Late preparation will never be good enough if you want the required score for the course of your choice.
3. Familiarize yourself with the exam question strategy: Not knowing how the University of your choice twists their examination questions is not good enough. Experience is the best teacher; so it is vital to make your findings and know what to expect in the exam hall.

pass UNILAG Post UTME 2020
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4. Get the right materials to study: Studying past questions alone will not help, do all you can to get some common topics from those questions and familiarize yourself with them. A good textbook for each subject will be useful too. With the right materials, you will have the right knowledge to provide the right answers on the day of the examination.
5. Speed accuracy: A rampant mistake students make when they prepare for an exam is not being time-conscious. Most schools now use a computer-based process for their exams; therefore, providing the right answers will be useless if you are not fast enough on the day of the examination. It is up to you to maximise your time and increase your speed while answering.
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