Streaming is quickly becoming the most popular way of watching film and TV. For example, in the UK, more than half of all households in UK subscribed to a video-on-demand service – that’s about 700,000 homes.

There are many trusted Managed Service Providers UK businesses use to manage their IT Infrastructures and they’ve seen how streaming is becoming more popular. Meanwhile, in the US, the video streaming market is estimated to reach around $200 billion in value by the mid-2020s.

Streaming is becoming more accessible and affordable for people; however, some people might not be satisfied with the options they get on the most popular streaming channels. Platforms like Netflix and Amazon have a lot of original content, but you may be dissatisfied if you have a more esoteric taste – for example, if you like world cinema, independent cinema, or films that are more likely to be screened at festivals than at a cinema chain.

Listed below are a few pics for streaming services that offer more diverse and alternative content than what can be found on the leading platforms.


Marketed as a curated streaming service, Mubi offers selections from across the world, and throughout the history of cinema. Just as Netflix has categories such as “Quirky Documentaries” or “Feel-good Comedies”, when you browse Mubi, you’re more likely to see categories such as “Women with Movie Cameras” or “Festival Focus: Locarno Film Festival”. We’ve spoken to a few companies who use IT Support for Law Firms and they have noted how all of their teams love Mubi and how it works!

Mubi focuses on curating categories that can give watchers an insight into aspects of cinema culture, or cinema history through the works of different filmmakers, organisations, and artistic movements.

The Criterion Channel

The Criterion Collection is a home-video distribution company that focuses on restoring and distributing both contemporary and classic films that are important to the history of cinema. They often restore films that have fallen into obscurity.

Their streaming platform, the Criterion Channel, is partnered with another film distribution company, Janus Films. Together, the two companies offer a combined library of over 2,000 contemporary and classic titles. We’ve seen this kind of technology being used for Remote IT Support Solutions where accessing data online is important.

BFI Player

The British Film Institute is an organisation that preserves the cultural history of British cinema, but their streaming platform, BFI Player, offers a world-wide selection of titles. You can also rent nearly 2,000 films, ranging from classics, new in cinemas, and fresh from the film festival circuit.

In addition to films, there is a selection of over 11,000 pieces of content – including short films, non-fiction pieces, and archival footage – all for free.


Kanopy is an ingenious variation on the video streaming model. Rather than paying for a subscription, you can join for free if your local library is part of the scheme. This helps raise interest in and use of public libraries, whilst giving people the chance to see a range of films entirely for free.

If your local library is not included in the scheme, you can send a request to them to join it.

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