Strategic Communications Africa Ltd. (Stratcomm Africa), Ghana’s premier total communications agency in collaboration with the internationally recognized luxury fashion house, Christie Brown, and public transport advertising platform providers, TroTro TV, have donated facemasks to TroTro drivers at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange Bus Terminal. This donation by Stratcomm Africa and its partners comes at a time when there is a sudden surge in the reported cases of COVID-19 infections in Ghana, with calls on Ghanaians to continue to observe safety protocols, particularly, wearing facemasks.T
Stratcomm Africa drives home the COVID-19 prevention messagePin
Ghana’s leading communications company has been actively involved in the fight against COVID-19 since the onset of the pandemic. Through its cartoon series, ‘Koo, The COVID Perfect,’ Stratcomm Africa has endeavoured to educate Ghanaians on the safety protocols and prevention guidelines. Through its partnership with TroTro TV, the cartoon series airs daily on the popular TroTro TV, in about 300 vehicles, reaching thousands of commuters daily. The series also airs on some major TV stations.
The Stratcomm Africa signature production, which was designed and produced in house by Stratcomm Africa staff, is part of a larger campaign to facilitate among Ghanaians an understanding and appreciation of the severity of the virus and take necessary precautions to stay safe in everyday situations, such as riding public transportation or gathering in busy transit areas.
By working with Christie Brown and TroTro TV to donate facemasks to drivers at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange Bus Terminal, Stratcomm Africa seeks to reinforce the importance of each Ghanaian understanding, appreciating, owning and practising behaviours that contribute to the prevention of the spread of Covid -19.
Stratcomm Africa drives home the COVID-19 prevention messagePin
Presenting the facemasks, Stratcomm Africa Business Development Manager, Kofi Baah-Boakye said, “As we have emphasised through our cartoon series, every Ghanaian must remain vigilant in the fight against COVID-19. Stratcomm Africa will continue to use the communications excellence that it has come to be known for, to reach more people with this message.
Our valued drivers have a critical role of conveying people from one destination to the other. These journeys can be major silent conveyors of the virus. We trust that in donating these facemasks to drivers, they will be important vehicles through whom the message of Covid -19 prevention is conveyed and driven home to as many Ghanaians as possible. Coronavirus is real and still affecting each of us and as a nation – taking lives, separating loved ones, destroying businesses and slowing down our economy.
The reported cases are not just numbers, they represent people who we know and love. We must all buckle down on enforcing preventive measures to completely eradicate the virus from our society.”
Receiving the Christie Brown designed facemasks, Welfare Vice Chairman of the Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange Bus Terminal Samuel Quartei Quartey, thanked Stratcomm Africa and its partners for the kind gesture. Chairman Quartey, and the entire welfare committee, was integral in facilitating the impactful ceremony and making the necessary arrangements to host the event. He admonished all drivers to enforce the strict wearing of facemasks by all passengers before boarding any vehicle.
Stratcomm Africa drives home the COVID-19 prevention messagePin
Dr Gifty Quarshie-Ngissah of Midway Hospital, one of Ghana’s most respected health delivery facilities joined Stratcomm Africa to educate the gathering about Covid 19 prevention and responded to questions from the audience who listened with rapt attention.
Operations Manager of TroTro TV Faustina Mensah remarked, “We are proud to partner Stratcomm Africa and Christie Brown on this important initiative. By collaborating with Stratcomm Africa and Christie Brown to make this donation we are also making available to our valued drivers and their assistants the messages on Covid – 19 prevention that they hear daily through the famous Tro Tro TV channels.
Some episodes of the Koo series were shown to the audience with an interactive session through which the general public present was educated.
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