It is always said “the more, the merrier”. As the Christmas season is approaching, the atmosphere of family reunion generally surrounds. This time, a TV series named Los Bastardos telling a story among five brothers will be on ST Novela E plus from Dec 13th, 1 episode a day between Mon and Sun at 19:50 CAT.
“Los Bastardos”, which is based on the Cardinal Bastards series of Precious Hearts Romances, tells the story of five brothers who must fight against each other for the right to the power and money of the Cardinal family, led by its patriarch, Don Roman Cardinal, played by veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez.
Don Roman will lead a happy life with his small family until tragedy strikes which will lead him to look for true love from four other women. He will sire five sons from five different women. There is Isagani, Don Roman’s long-lost son with his first love; Joaquin the only son who’ll grow up under his care; Matteo, who will grow up with the rival family of the Cardinals; Connor, who will become a conman bent on destroying the Cardinal wealth; and Lucas, who will grow up not knowing the man he serves is his own father. Although they come from different worlds, they are bound together by the same blood. Find out how their lives will become intertwined when they start learning the truth behind their identities.
In addition, the cast insisted that there is definitely more that viewers can expect from Los Bastardos. Coming from the same creative team as Wildflower, viewers can look forward to a strong storyline and solid acting from the cast.
“The mutual feelings among different family members in the drama can always lead the audience to compare their own experience in reality. We believe that family love is a common-sense, especially for the very season. Hope the TV series will bring all families much joyful moment in front of the TV.” Said Alex Hang, the action CEO of StarTimes Ghana.

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