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What is the most important thing needed for a business to run? Is it the capital or is it the infrastructure, or is it the trust and the quality. The reasons can be many but the ultimate outcome of the business shall be good revenue. So, if you have a small business or if you are planning to start a small or a medium sized business then there are certain crucial factors to be considered.

We will first start with the trust factor, as this counts the major ratio, the other factors still can be managed but if you are not able to gain the trust of your customers then it becomes difficult for the business to sustain in the long run. Moreover, owing to the digital world today, most of the businesses are online; hence, the security of the data, securely transmitted information over the internet, and gaining customers trust becomes essential.

THEREFORE, here we come with an article that will let you know why SSL certificate is important for small business websites. The crux f this article will be – what is SSL certificate, what are the types, what are their benefits in running a small business website.


Start with the checklist for your new venture and get an SSL certificate. So, What are SSL certificates? SSL certificates are digital certificates that are bind with a cryptographic key, which secures data transactions. With the amount of alarming hacking attacks increasing, day by day it has become prudent to get the right SSL certificate for your website. The SSL certificate secure the data by the means of encryption and the protects the exchange of information between the browser and the user. This mechanism is, issued by the most trusted CA (certificate authorities). Hence, you know you are in safe hands. In other terms, SSL is kind of a trusted stamp that offers confidence to the visitors who come on your website.

SSL certificates are divided based on the validation levels and the number of sub-domain and multi domains security. Based on validation there are three types of SSL certificates – Domain Validated (DV) SSL, Organization Validated (OV) SSL, Extended Validation (EV) SSL.

There is a wildcard SSL is best for securing first level sub-domains and securing multiple domains as well as sub-domains, you can get multi-domain SSL or Wildcard multi-domain SSL certificate. Thus, when you choose SSL certificate for your small business then you must take care of the above-mentioned types and then, depending on these your selection will matter.

A Comodo Positive SSL Certificate is considered to be one of the safest and easy to install. It is quick in safeguarding your small business website in a very cost effective way. It is a domain validation SSL certificate used to secure your single domain. Additionally, It comes with a value-add package, which is just the right thing for small business websites. Advantages of Comodo Positive SSL certificate is quite a few –

  • This certificate issued within 10 minutes
  • Domain validation SSL
  • 2048 bit digital signatures and it is 99.9% browser friendly
  • No paperwork, no documents, no delay in installation
  • You will get Comodo’s site seal
  • 24/7 live chat support to customers
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • USD $10,000 warranty

Let’s quickly start with the benefits of SSL certificate for small business websites. SSL certificates are adequately strong and sturdy to offer strong encryption to the effective users and help the visitors to gain trust on the website they are browsing. This leads us, to several benefits for the small business websites.

It’s when your website looks certified

Here, it is all about looking professional; at times, the first impression is the last impression. Thus, with SSL certificate, you get instant site seal and a green padlock on the address bar, which gives a security lock to the website, and when a customer comes to the website, he feels trustworthy by looking at the website. This, in turn, boosts the confidence and offers a professional look to your website. If you buy EV SSL for your site, Certificate Authority strictly validates your organization as well as the domain name of the applicant before issuing EV SSL certificate. Once you install EV SSL on your website, your browser will display “Company Name” next to the site URL in the address bar.

Loyalty factor

When you are into an online business, your customers are like GOD; their trust is a mandate to drive more sales. For this, your website needs reliability and credibility in front of them. Thus, the SSL certificate is very helpful in gaining the trust on your website. It instantly gives security and is very easy to install. This factor works well with the young online shoppers as well, as they are always in a hurry. Therefore, here the presence of SSL certificate endorses the site to be trusted, reliable, and safe to use.

Security is the key

SSL certificates not only safeguard and protect the transmission of the information on the website but also provides authentication to your website. SSL certificate also ensures that the server is safe and in a good condition with all the algorithms working accurately. When the customers know that the website is secure and the server on which they are working is protected, it increases the possibility of gaining prominence in the B2B sector as well.

Trust and sales go hand in hand

Whenever you buy any product online, trust is very important. You make sure that you check the checkout process to be fair and secure and keep a good eye on the type and quality of products you are buying. For all this trust is what matters the most. You will proceed to buy the product only if you find the product genuine and the entire process secured, then you will proceed to give your credit card details and other sensitive information. So by all this, what will happen – you will ultimately increase the trust in your customers and there will be an increase in sales or revenue as well. It is a win-win situation.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

It doesn’t matter your website is for a small business or not, but improved search engine ranking plays an important role. A HTTPS enabled website doing well on the search engines and it is a smart example of a good SEO and best in the security standards. The SSL certificate gives you strong website security, thus when you run an SEO for your website. Google gives prominence to the website that is protected and authenticated with SSL certificate. The certification automatically averts the malicious and spamming threats by making your website clean to use. Installing an SSL certificate will increase the website’s visibility on the search engines, in turn, elevating the traffic.

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