Every Blogger, Content marketer or business owner desires to have their revenue increased but this can only be possible if you have your traffic increased, new leads or customers.
If you want to achieve the highest rank, then buy website traffic to your website.
You want to get more traffic to your website for increased revenue? Squirrly SEO Plugin will help you achieve this as it has for me. Let’s dive in.
Squirrly SEO plugin allows you to optimize content and measure its success for both humans and search.
Essentially, this plugin makes it possible for you to wrangle on-page and WordPress SEO. Using Squirrly, you can do keyword research inside of the Post Editor, choose the best keyword to target and then optimize your content based on the suggestions given to you by Squirrly.
In 2019, Squirrly rolled out a new version of the plugin – Squirrly SEO 2019 (Strategy) – meant to help users know where to focus their energy and efforts. This is definitely useful, given how Google ranks pages and the number of factors it takes into consideration.
The WordPress plugin provides clear methods users can follow to get better rankings via Focus Pages.
The entire Focus Pages section is about ranking those pages in your site that you most want to rank – be them landing pages, articles or product pages.
What makes this truly innovative is that each Focus Page comes with customized information that zooms in on all the tasks that you need to work on to improve rankings (for that particular page).
Focus Pages provides:

  • SEO Checks that are relevant to how SEO works today.
  • Clear next steps and actions to score relevant SEO wins (based on ranking factors)
  • Notifications on problems that are stopping you from reaching the 1st Page of Google (with detailed instructions on how to solve them)
  • A gamified experience for working on tasks. Red is for signaling problems and green is to cue your wins. The end goal is to turn everything green inside your Focus Pages section.

Every task you manage to turn Green inside the Focus Pages represents an SEO victory that takes users closer to the 1st Page of Google.
This new version of the plugin also comes with a brand-new Bulk Settings feature that’s meant to make working on a site a lot faster. The feature makes it easy to check that all the correct SEO settings are in place for your pages – in bulk.
This plugin will work hand-in-hand with your existing SEO plugin.
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