Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify believes Apple has a very long way to go before it becomes an “open and fair platform.” This is the most recent dig from Spotify amid its current battle with Apple over their competing music streaming services.
According to PulseNG, in a recent interview, Daniel EK revealed that even if Apple is heading in the right direction when it comes to competing with Spotify, the company is not there yet. According to him, however, he expects Apple to get things long term.

Spotify CEO Apple
Photo Credit: antutu.pw

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His words, “Long term, we do expect Apple to open up. We’re very encouraged about being able to now finally use Siri as a way of building-in voice support and also being available to build products for the Apple TV and Apple Watch, something that we haven’t been able to do until very recently.”
Recall that Spotify filed an EU antitrust complaint against Apple last year, saying Apple tampered with its platforms to give its services the edge over rivals. Spotify has also complained about having to pay 30% tax on its streaming subscriptions bought via the App Store.
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