Having an online presence is mandatory nowadays. Every respected company or business is willing to invest in this essential feature.

Spending money on web development, as well as web design, is investing smartly. Let us see how much web development costs and why.

Why Have an Online Presence?

Having an online presence is the best way to enforce your corporate digital image. Websites serve as a center of digital information for all companies and even people. When you hire a digital agency to build your website you are investing in trust, image, and a valuable asset.

Today there is indeed more than one way to have an online presence. Social media is another digital channel to consider while building a digital image. Thousands of people use social media around the world and across the country. However, it is handy to have a website.

The functions of a website are many. The most important is probably that it serves as the center of information and visual identity for a company. It shows an average client what to expect from their products. But it is not the only function of a website.

If your company and product allow it, you can set e-commerce on your website. This is really helpful for some people who want to purchase your product ASAP. Another feature you can do on your website is requesting emails through subscriptions.

You may say this is obvious or even superfluous. However, other traits make websites valuable for companies.

Branding is essential if you want your brand to make it upon competitors. Credibility is another important trait you earn when people enter your website.

Credibility, branding, getting leads, and selling more are enough reasons to have an online presence, but there are more. With the right strategy and the right approach, your audience will become customers or even fans.

How To Get a Good Online Presence?

It is more effective when you let professional people do what they do best. So it advised hiring a digital agency to do this job. That way you ensure high marketing results and better use of time and money resources.

Nevertheless, there are a few hints you can ask your digital agency to focus on your brand. Firstly, a strong SEO helps you get organic results. If you are new to digital marketing it means appear first on search results. Paraphrasing, SEO improves visibility.

Secondly, assuming your marketing team has a good strategy for digital efforts, always create value. You may have a fancy-looking website and social media channels, but if you do not add value, you’re done.

This valuable information you are sharing with your audience will make you more relevant to them. Relevance and solutions, at the right time, translate into engagement with people. At the same time, giving valuable information strengthens SEO.

If you want your company to be always relevant, you should consider using your website as a digital cornerstone. When trying different approaches on different channels like apps or social media, don’t forget to link back to your website.

Last but not least, consider investing in a blog if your business allows it. Ask your digital marketing expert to schedule and plan some helpful relevant content. It should be directed to your target audience, but keep in mind that it’s intended to achieve engagement.

As said before, a professional knows what they do. Therefore, hiring a digital agency or a professional digital marketeer will save a lot of resources.

“Can I Do It Myself?”

The usual recommendation is to consider if you have the skills to work on web development or alike. However, if you have the right knowledge and the tools and skills to make the most of it, go ahead.

On the other hand, if you do not possess any skill, but you are in no hurry, you can give it a try. Getting a fine online presence is difficult and takes a lot of time when you are a rookie on it. And again, the recommendation is to trust this work in the expert’s hands.

Costs and other minimal details

The budget sets apart successful people with a vision from people who just try hard. Depending on how much you want to spend you’ll have to decide to focus on one aspect of the campaign. There is a saying that goes “budget kills projects”, and it’s true.

Before getting to know how much you will spend, let us answer these three questions.

  1. What is the most valuable thing in a website?
  2. How is my brand going to grow with the website?
  3. How many features can I add to my website?

Did you see that? By thinking of what you need the cost disappears from your mind. For a second you realized it is necessary to have a website. The third question lets you see where you need to focus your website’s budget.

Now, let us talk about money. Per year, an average website costs between 400 dollars and 1,200 dollars. This type of website is very simple, yet well structured, fast, and good-looking. When it comes to higher demand websites the prices may vary.

For example, corporate websites raise the services they offer and also raise the maintenance fee per year. It takes from 2,000 to 15,000 dollars to make new features and designs. Prices may vary a couple of thousand dollars on this kind of website.

However, if you are above this budget and you need e-commerce, the website pays itself. The year’s maintenance fee for this type of website goes between 15,000 and 30,000 dollars.

This only applies to websites of up to 1000 products, but it’s more than enough to see a higher ROI. Since your money is worth your time, you better be smart while investing.

“Is the Build of My Website Always Expensive?”

The short answer is no. Websites are not necessarily expensive. However, they mean to cover a different set of needs and serve certain purposes.

Additionally, each digital agency has its fare. But making that apart, building a website can be inexpensive. How can it?

Well, you can start by adding features based on what you need the website to do. Check your budget and build your website one part at a time. Probably, soon you will see higher ROI and the website will pay itself.

In web maintenance matters, more expensive does not always mean better. There are services that you do not need every month, and others you may need every week. The person in charge of your website should be aware of not getting charged by services you do not need this month.

“Is a Website a “One-Time” Deal?”

The short answer is no. Some simple websites do not need too much attention or changes. Even those websites need maintenance from time to time. And if your company is fully aware of what engagement is, then your website must keep on changing.

Nevertheless, when your company is a small business you must invest the necessary. So an arrangement of “year payment” is a good deal. Make sure that a small website covers all your topics, and do not forget the yearly maintenance fee.

If your marketing goals go beyond a small simple website, then you better update your website and blog monthly. Or if it is a special season, customize your website for holidays (Christmas for example). Changes are mandatory if you have e-commerce.

Time changes, the business changes, and you must keep your business as fresh as possible. If budget worries you, keep in mind that the larger the budget the larger the prize. So don’t be afraid of economical commitment to a well-planned website.

Again: “Why Shouldn’t I Do It Myself?”

The answer is simple. When you want something important done well, you go with a professional instead of an amateur. It is the same case why don’t you cut your hair if a barber can do it.

Probably you have the I.T development skills and you think you can build your company’s website. If so, it is okay. There are a few ways you can do your website. If you are a web developer you surely can build your website. But, should you?

All your time and effort are better focused on a department suited for a CEO. In other words, instead of coding, you should be branding. Instead of testing and designing, you should be building commercial alliances and planning the future of your company.

Don’t forget that a good leader is not the one who does everything but the one who delegates best. If there are people who can do this task better, why not hire them?

Let Us Get Technical: Engagement and Bounce Rate

About 38% of the total visitors on a website will get out of your website for one of two reasons. A, they got bored or disgusted for a lame layout, or B they find not interesting your website’s content. So you have a starting mission: to make them stay on your website.

Therefore, making your homepage and content appealing is only the first step. Lowering the bounce rate will give your targeted audience a message of you listening to them. According to Google Analytics, B2B and B2C had different bouncing rates.

In 2021 (so far) the bouncing rate of a B2B website is about 37% of the total visitors. On B2C websites the bounce rate is 29%. As you can see, depending on your kind of business there is a number to aim to avoid losing people.

As you can see, keeping the bouncing rate low is important for your budget to make the most. Spending money on web development means you make sure all conditions to improve engagement are on your website.

Focus on the user’s experience as an essential part of your website. Do it and you will not worry again about the bouncing rate. Think that every time someone leaves your website in the first 5 seconds you lose money.

SEO: The Most Reliable Kind of Attention

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a series of techniques that will improve the attention your website gets. It has become relevant for websites through the last decade and a reliable marketing tool.

Once you decide to invest in a professional website it is good to keep SEO in check. Part of SEO is about having the right keywords on the first page of SERP (Search Engine Results Page). The higher your website appears, the better keywords it triggers.

This tool allows websites to get visibility but also gives them the authority over your business. When your brand becomes a referent on your business you can practically control business movements.

Indeed, SEO is not going to work like paid advertising. However, SEO is a marketing tool that will set your company on top of the others on SERP. The ultimate goal of SEO is to take your company’s website to the most relevant position without paying for advertising.

New Technologies Get More Expensive

Not only new technologies, but new techniques are also more expensive than the old forms. Use this information to plan your budget and quality for web design and development. Depending on how many features you need on your website you better choose wisely.

For instance, a digital agency offering a simple WordPress website should charge less than a Magento. Also, the performance of a large database on a website requires a better server and maybe security. Hence, the high cost is justified.

However, once you realize the limits of your desired website you can ask for a simpler website. That way you will reduce costs and make your final website scalable over time. If you have a small business you surely won’t need a huge database or advanced software.

“A Single Freelance Charges Me Less”

This is a common argument among clients who think they are being stolen with a reasonable price and product. Do not make the mistake of confusing “simple” with “easy”. For something to look simple people worked hard to make it look simple.

Like a professional pianist makes playing piano look simple, the same happens with a “simple” website. If your business is small, then probably a single freelancer will do the job sufficiently.

However, apps, databases, software, and e-commerces require more than a single person.

Especially, software development needs a team of developers to deliver a high-standard product ASAP. When you hire a team you can expect high quality and detail. A team of 3 people is going to do 15 tasks more carefully and faster than one person.

Then again, if your website is small, a freelancer can do it. But a digital agency can do it better and faster. Which one do you trust more to receive a better ROI? It is up to you.

Many Hands Upon Your Website

Let us explain it with an example. Today your website, the domain, and the hosting with a digital agency are worth a certain amount of dollars. The next month another digital agency offers you to charge 15% less on your website’s maintenance. After 3 months a freelancer offers you 5% less than the previous agency. What now?

If all maintenance is under this freelance schedule for the next 8 months everything will be fine. However, if you initially paid 1 year of hosting and domain things start to get confusing. At least confusing for people not related to the terms hosting and web domain.

When the year is through, you must pay again to keep your domain active and your hosting service running. These need to be activated by email. What happens when the first agency has this email under their command? Troubles and confusion.

This is rarely happening between digital agencies because they deliver all documentation about the website when clients change providers. It is more likely to happen when hiring a cheap freelancer, and especially amateur ones.

To avoid such a situation, always ask for every email, password, and art you paid for. Additionally, avoid changing website managers often and let only one agency or freelance work your website.

A Final Advice: Keep Improving

Keeping the website looking good and running is a job for your website manager. Keeping your website fresh and updated with useful info is up to you. As mentioned before, your website should be growing over time with your business.

With a good online marketing strategy, a neat website, and alluring web design your business and your brand are safe. In other words, you will give your audience the right message and you will grow in notoriety.

Remember to be as selective as possible when hiring a web developer or a web designer. Costs should always match expectations and should never be a setback for your company. You can always organize your budget and make smart investing on a professional website for your company.

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