When speaking about the most stunning and iconic landscapes, thousands of feet tall foot peaks, historic mountain towns, and expansive wilderness – Colorado is the first place to strike!

Colorado draws travel fanatics seeking adventure outdoors and want to experience the authenticity of Centennial State’s western culture. The picture-perfect town of Frisco, high peaks surrounding Telluride, the streets of Boulder, the mountain views of Estes park we have covered five most beautiful attractions to spend your weekend in Colorado. Immerse yourself in the forests, waterways, mountains, and towns that the state has to offer:

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Crested Butte

Breathe fresh in the mountain air far from the metropolitan cities and any industrial center. Skiing is an obvious choice in this place during winter. At Crested Butte Mountain resort, you can enjoy snowboarding and adventure park activities, special events celebrating drink, food, music, sport, art, and nature–there is something for every age level found here. Crested Butte is a friendly town with mountain views, historic buildings, and plenty of places to visit.

There is also live music year-round in the Alpenglow concerts, so just grab a blanket, and have a picnic to enjoy the live music. Dine out in some of the best cafes and restaurants and choose from any haute cuisine and be delighted. Enjoy an amazing stay at the hotels in Ouray Colorado, and have a delightful experience.

Estes Park

It is one of the most beautiful locations, covered all sides by awesome peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Experience outdoor activities and real wildlife viewing at every level. Estes Park is an original playground, 70 miles away from Denver. For over 150 years, people have come for a family reunion, fun-filled vacation, base camp, or a magical mountain wedding.

You will find guided adventure activities like horseback riding, fly fishing, white water rafting. You can also drive over Peak scenic Byway to Continental divide on trail ridge to Grand lake. Hike to a spectacular mountain lake and along a stream to a fantastic waterfall.


To some, this is known for summers full of outdoor activities and cultural events, and to others, it is world-class alpine skiing. But, what runs real for everyone is its authentic mountain character, a celebration of adventure, and an unpretentious attitude. Since it has played a significant role in the history of the American West, it is popular as a National Historic District in 1964.

The colorful clapboard storefronts, Victorian-era homes, and historic buildings have mixed with art galleries, boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and much more. The town has long been popular for its summer festivals, but film festivals, iconic music are simply the beginning of many events provided throughout the year. From weekends full of events, film festivals to fans making their annual pilgrimage to Bluegrass, the town never disappoints.


Boulder has earned the title of Happiest city for its fresh food, fresh air, and fondly referred to as the town nestled between the reality and mountains. The city is just 30 minutes from Denver and feels like a peaceful escape from the everyday.

Boulder was established in the year 1858 by gold seekers that is today called Settler’s Park. The Colorado Chautauqua was built in 1898 at the foot of the Flatirons mountains. The tradition of national Chautauquas created as a family retreat of the time, focusing on culture, nature, and music.

You can go for hiking into the piney foothills and take pictures of the patchworks of sprawling farmland, lush Boulder Valley, and the red-tiled rooftops of Colorado’s University. Visitors can head outside to seek plenty of opportunities for cross-country skiing, winter hiking, snowshoeing at the nearby Eldora Ski Mountain.

At Colorado, you will enjoy some outstanding views at foot peaks, the spectacular Valleys, and the ever-changing magic of breathtaking views!

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