The call centre remains a considerable performer in the role between the business and customers. However, the pandemic has reduced physical contact, meaning that call agents deal with more customers virtually, typically unseen.

One study reveals that 78% of UK consumers will switch service providers after a poor contact centre experience. Therefore, your business may be at risk because, considering the high number of customers you respond to without seeing them in person, you could be triggering them to dump your business.

Fortunately, it is not hard to determine what you are doing wrong when you employ reliable speech analytics software with suitable functionalities for your business.

Which Factors do Customers Find Most Frustrating About Contact Centres?

To determine the quality of customer service provided across a variety of industries, Awaken Intelligence surveyed 750 UK contact centre customers to rank their biggest call centre-related frustrations.

The study reveals several reasons why and how you respond to customers could be irritating them. You can click here to view more of the research. Meanwhile, below we have what irritates your customers the most:

    • Chatting with bots. The number 1 irritation is speaking with bots. Your customers prefer to hold a conversation with humans and not chatbots or some pre-recorded messages. This means that although we are heading towards an advanced world of technology with numerous automation, humans are still vital in communication.
    • Long wait times. The second irritation customers dislike is long wait times. The long average call length frustrates customers, and many companies are yet to improve in this aspect.
    • Agent’s inability to solve the problem. Customers hate it when the agent does not have the current or proper knowledge to solve a problem.
    • Agents not personalising the conversation. Customers hate it when agents do not personalise calls. It shows the agent overly depends on the call script and is not dynamic or frequently gives impersonal responses.
    • Customers are being transferred between departments. Your customer does not like it when they are transferred between departments.
    • No first call resolution. Calls that are resolved the first time irritate customers. They may never call back, meaning they search for a new alternative.
    • Language problem. If you do not use thoughtfully designed conversational analytics, your agents are faced with language problems, which customers hate.
    • Calling for the same problem more than once. Your customers do not like to call several times for the same problem.
    • No response on social platforms.

Inarguably, call centre quality assurance can track, monitor and solve these problems to improve your customer service levels.

How Speech Analytics Software Can Improve Contact Centre Customer Service Levels

Improved Call Quality

Your speech analytics tool can figure out what words and speech patterns cause favourable outcomes with the customer. It builds the call agent to adjust their speaking style to suit the attitude of the customer.

Analyse Calls

With conversational analytics software,100% of your calls are analysed, leaving no stone unturned. Your experts get to see the negative and positive remarks that make agent performance judgment almost 100% more accurate.

Collect Actionable Data

You can collect actionable data through call analysis and use the result to discover common causes and trends. You could be focusing on the negative outcomes that point to a product or service flaw. Look at the common complaints you can use to improve your product offer and see whether your script contains elements that can change the customer’s sentiment.

Point Out Positive and Negative Agent Attitude

Voice analytics lets you identify speech patterns from call agents. You can tell when your agent performs excellently and agents that need training for better customer service level.

Receive Feedback

When you integrate conversational analytics, you can ensure instant results. For example, call agents will receive feedback that helps them to improve. They get to know whether a customer will return and work on their abilities to regenerate the interest of customers in subsequent calls.

Final Thoughts

Speech analytics can refine how your call centre gathers insights quickly. It tracks and reports all calls, meaning it obtains raw data, organises, analyses, and generates data according to what your company wants to track.

When you apply the information, it improves your call centre conduct, agent productivity, customer satisfaction and eliminates the high cost, which offers an excellent customer experience.

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