If you are already a subscriber to apple Music, you can bear me witness that Spatial Audio is the real deal when it comes to having yourself an immersive listening experience. Not only does it bring a surround sound vibe to your listening sessions, but it also makes you experience the sound you’re listening to.

In this article, we’ll touch on Spatial Audio and some other remarkable Apple Music features enriching your listening experience.

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Spatial Audio and dynamic head tracking: The next level

Dynamic head tracking is technology that tracks the subtle movements of your head, with the aim to provide a more convincing illusion that the music is coming from all around you and not just from headphones. With that, if you turn your head, the sound will reorient around you. And, yes… Apple Music is the first streaming service to offer this dynamic head tracking experience.

Below are a couple of important things to note about dynamic head tracking and Spatial Audio:

  • With Spatial Audio, the virtual soundstage is larger than stereo and much more detailed. This creates a rich, immersive audio experience. Now, add Apple’s dynamic head tracking technology and the experience becomes even more natural and immersive.
  • Even with stereo tracks, Apple hardware can ‘spatialize’ and ‘head track’ the audio, giving stereo sources the perception of a spatial experience.
  • Combined with dynamic head-tracking, Spatial Audio, when experienced through AirPods Pro or Airpods Max creates a truly unparalleled streaming music listening experience.
  • Apple Music will support dynamic head tracking with AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, when used with recent iPhones or iPads and iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 and subscribers can choose whether they want the fully head tracked experience right from the control center.
  • By default, if you have AirPods Pro or Max, Apple Music will play head tracked Spatial Audio whenever it’s available.

The response and reception

Since the feature became available, this has been the response, so far, from music listeners around the world.

  • One quarter of the biggest new releases in August 2021 were released in Spatial Audio.
  • In August 2021, Spatial Audio plays grew twenty times faster than compressed audio plays.
  • Among Apple Music’s top markets, Spatial Audio plays grew fastest in Japan, Russia, and Mexico with the US, Japan, and the UK comprising the top three markets by plays of Spatial Audio content.
  • More than 40 million Apple Music listeners have experienced Spatial Audio for themselves generating billions of plays.
  • 60% of Pop albums, 50% of Latin albums, 40% of Country albums, and 36% of Hip-Hop albums that reached number one on the US Apple Music top albums chart in August were also available in Spatial.
  • 21% of songs that have reached number one on Apple Music’s Daily Top 100 charts since launch are available in Spatial Audio.
  • Right now, 40 of the top 100 songs globally and 28 of the top 100 albums in the US on Apple Music are available in Spatial.

Easily find music that has been ‘Shared With You’

Apple Music has always had sharing being a core feature, and that has been expanded in recent times. First with Story Sharing which allows you to share your favorite music to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Stories, then with Lyrics Sharing which allows you to share up to 140 characters of your favorite lyrics.

That is all good, however, Messages remains one of the best ways to share music with friends, and to get recommendations on what to listen to next. Shared With You brings together all the music you’ve been talking about and sharing all in one place, right in the Music app.

    • Any time music is shared with you in Messages, it will appear in an all-new section, Shared With You, that lives in Listen Now in the Music app.
    • Shared With You collects all the music that’s been included in your Messages threads in one place.
    • Albums, songs, playlists and more all appear here and with one tap, you can play it or add it to your Library.
    • You can also “pin” your favorite music in Messages; just long-press and tap the Pin button. You can see all your pinned music from the info screen in Messages.


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