South Africa wind farms 2030
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South Africa wind farms 2030:

Plans for constructing and activating wind farms across South Africa are presently ongoing. The aim is, by 2030, to have 14,4GW of the country’s energy mix to be supplied by wind power, which is 18% of the total energy required by SA. To attain this goal, South Africa will need to add 1.6GW of wind energy to the grid annually, according to South African Wind Energy Association CEO, Ntombifuthi Ntuli.

Ntuli said, “On average, 640 steel towers and 1920 individual blades will need to be constructed and installed each year from 2022 until 2030 to meet the allocation of 1.6GW per year. This translates to a total of about 5,700 new turbines by 2030.”

“However, the industry needs further procurement to ensure that the next round of wind farms can begin construction in order to deliver in line with the country’s resource plan. Most recently, the President’s SONA address gave a clear nod to the sector, but in order to deliver, a clear timeline that includes a Ministerial Determination is needed to kick-start next round of wind farms.”

“South Africa offers exceptional wind resource potential throughout most of the country, but particularly along our extended 3,000 km coastline.”

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