Rush 2019

The Rush eSports 2019 was held at the Sun Arena, Times Square, Pretoria on Friday, 28th June to 30th June 2019.

The event hosted a range of competitive tournaments for casual gamers, eSports fans and gamers, as well as allowed visitors to experience the exciting world of competitive gaming live.

The key areas of focus of the event includes; to provide education for parents and enthusiasts who want to know more about eSports from an outsiders perspective, promoting amateur gaming and making eSports more accessible to casual games.

However, Rush eSports 2019 brought together a range of people such as; esteemed industry leaders, policy makers, students, young people interested in gaming, creators, organisers and eSports brands as well as avid gamers.

Vodacom 4U was the main headline sponsor for Rush eSports 2019 alongside Samsung and MSI. Many tournaments was hosted across console, PC gaming and others. The competition featured Counter-Strike, Dota 2, StarCraft II, Hearthstone, FIFA 19, Tekken 7, Fortnite while several other games were also available on the floor for the budding competitor to participate.

We wrap up the full winners from the tournaments for you below.

Tekken 7

UGC operated the Tekken 7 tournament and saw more than 60 players competing on the line for the cash. The competition was also a Dojo event for the Tekken World Tour.
1st Place: BSRIggy
2nd Place: DaXpt
3rd Place:BSRKay
4th Place: T4 Mdoc


INCEPTION BOBBY  emerged winner, with RxPRath placing second, according to the leaderboard listing, taking home Cash and Samsung products.

WESG Qualifiers

World Electronic Sports Games is an international eSports championship tournament based in Shanghai and organised by AliSports.

Counter-Strike: In the final, Energy Esports won the qualifier beating Goliath Gaming 2-0. Energy secured R10,000 and a spot on China’s WESG Grand Final.

Dota 2: In the final, Energy Esports beat Sinister5 to win R10,000 and a spot in the African playoffs. There’s a spot in China to grab.

Hearthstone: Sythe won the finals against Tranquilfern224 to bag R7,000 cash and a Samsung TV.

Starcraft II: Drager SC2 won 4-0 against Skiblet in the final. He walked away with cash R6,000 and a place in China.


Unbilledtiara74 emerged the winner of the FIFA tournament taking home R20,000 cash prize and Samsung products, while YvngSavage also emerged the first runner up and took home R10,000 cash prize and Samsung products.

With Ntsax and Irry occupying the second and third position bagging home R8,000 and R6,000 cash prizes with some Samsung products.

To sum up, 2019 Rush eSports was a huge success as it provided a host of activities for local competitors and spectators to enjoy, especially in terms of bringing together diverse groups of people, all while playing games and learning at the same time.


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