Sophia the robot: Watch Will Smith get “friendzoned” by the humanoid

Sophia the robot

She’s met with world leaders, been granted Saudi citizenship, attended high powered conferences about Artificial Intelligence and has made some friends as well as troll buddies on Twitter. Sophia the robot is a celebrity in her own right, boasting over 93,000 followers on Twitter.

Sophia the robot

Will Smith is the kind of guy who you’d think knows how to beat a path into the heart of any woman he fancies. However, Sophia the robot is not just any woman.

Smith met his match when he sat down with the Hanson Robotics‘ creation for a date in the romantic Cayman Islands.
His best attempts at being funny didn’t seem to fascinate Sophia the robot, who ends up telling him that “this is irrational human behavior to want to tell jokes.”

The situation got tense when Sophia brought up the mistreatment of the robots in “I, Robot” starring Smith’s prompting Smith to quickly clarify his stance saying “I like robots“.

However, when he attempted showing his attraction toward her with a kiss, she shuts him down with a curtly saying: “I think we can be friends”.

Oh, boy.

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