Production of PlayStation 3 officially ended in Japan in 2017, and although Sony has been providing small firmware updates to breathe life into the console, a number of functionalities has been lost over the years. The PS3 is now set to lose cross platform messaging.
The PS3 will no longer be able to exchange messages with the PS4, the PS Vita, and the PlayStation app, in a notice published on the Japanese PlayStation web site. However, PS3 users can still communicate among themselves.
While this is not a significant development, many users expressed concern about how quickly Sony pulls the plug for the features of the PS3. Some users are particularly concerned with PlayStation Network (PSN) and PlayStation Store and trophy system support. Given that these are critical features, Sony is extremely unlikely to get rid of them.
PS3 games are still a daily aspect of PlayStation Store sales and the only thing that affects trophies is to shut down multiplayer servers, which is a common industry practice when the game base of a game declines.
In March 2019, PS3 and PS Vita games were removed from the monthly range of PlayStation Plus.

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