According to data, around 44.8 percent or almost half of the internet users around the world search for brand information using social media. This sparked the interest of many businesses to ensure their online presence. The most important step to getting this done is hiring a social media manager.

The Job Responsibilities of a Social Media Manager

What does this job entail, and what do you need to prepare yourself for if you want to become one?

First of all, your tasks as a social media manager will depend on the size of an organization. If you’re working in larger organizations, you will most likely deal with teams, agencies, and specialists of expertise, such as video and photo editing, copywriting, graphic design, and other skills needed to create content. 

However, if you are working in a small or starting company, you may have to do all skills by yourself.

Even if you are working in a big company that can afford to hire virtual assistants for various tasks, it is still necessary that you learn the basics of the skills. You will manage people handling the tasks, so you have to know what you are looking for or what you want to get from them. 

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Essential Social Media Manager Skills You Should Have

Here are the skills essential to becoming an effective social media manager:

1. Being aware of current events

You need to have a global awareness. This will help you spot culturally-insensitive jokes or off-color content that can paint your company in a bad light. 

You need to know when to post social media posts to give way to the more important happenings in the world and when to use the events to advance your brand-related promos.

2. Being aware of pop culture

You have to know the trends and what your target market is watching or searching for when using social media. For example, in TikTok, you need to understand what pop culture led to trends and memes. 


3. Writing 

What’s a social media post without an engaging caption? You need to be able to convey your brand within 280 characters that are engaging, snappy and will make people check out your company or products. 

4. Editing

You need keen attention to detail. While you can hire a writer to come up with your copies or captions, it’s your responsibility to ensure that they are free from poor grammar and wrong spelling before the rest of the online world can see them. Poor grammar and typos, especially when they happen often, can hurt your brand’s reputation.

5. A good sense of how business works

A social media manager is not required to have a business degree, but they must have strategic thinking. They must always think about the bigger picture when implementing social media campaigns for the company.

6. Organizational skills

You have to be ready to deal with so many tasks at once most of the time. You can only survive each day if you can handle context switching and enjoy making systems work.

7. Can work under pressure

You are the voice of the brand, and one wrong move can hurt that brand, which could cost you your job.

8. Data analysis

You need to be comfortable working with numbers. It pays to have Excel skills to get related tasks done efficiently.

9. Ability to unplug

Your work is already tension-filled. The least you would want to happen is to experience burnout. Unplug every once in a while and get back to your tasks once you have taken a breather.


Social media managers need to develop many skills, including administrative support services, to suit the variety of tasks they need to accomplish. You also need to be prepared for many days when you have to juggle many tasks or people to meet a goal or deadline.


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