A number of Ghanaian social media users have started a campaign against unfair mobile money transaction charges by Telecommunication networks in Ghana.

The campaign started yesterday with the title; Mobile Money Concerns. The message under this title reads :

“Let’s assume I’m paying,t of Gh12000 to my landlord. We’re both on the same network like say MTN or Vodafone.
The network charges me Gh1 on every Gh100 transaction, hence I would be paying Gh120 as fee for the transaction to my landlord. When he goes to withdraw, he’s also charged the same (Gh120 on the Gh12000.)
Knowing my Landlord for whom he is (and for fairness sake) I would’ve to bare that Gh120 fee he would be charged when withdrawing the money.
So in reality, I would be paying an extra of Gh240 for that single transaction alone (Gh240 of electricity would take me for a whole year).

If I was paying same amount via the bank, I wouldn’t be charged a dime if we both are customers of that same bank.

I think this Mobile Money Service providers are over milking us.

Dear Mobile Money service providers, it makes somewhat sense if we are charged at the point of withdrawal. But charging us for funds transfer within the same network is broad day light thievery. Please share the message and say no to mobile money charges.

This one is cheating.

As at the time of this publication the message had over 3.6K shares on Facebook and a lot of reactions and comments agreeing to the post and sharing similar experiences and sentiments. These are just a few comments from the over 2.5K comments on the post.


However, just yesterday, Vodafone Ghana introduced the Ahotor Bundle which helps customers of Vodafone Cash save on cost on their mobile money transactions.

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