Snapseed is one of the best photo editor applications you will find right now after Google bought the app 8 years ago. Popular for its simplicity and amazing features, it allows you to bring out the best in your photos. To help you do just that, see how to use Snapseed to edit a photo with your smartphone:
1. For presets and filters: With its “LOOKS” tab, you will have access to Snapseed’s filters. Clicking “TOOLS” will lead you to the HDR Scape, Glamour Glow, Drama, Vintage, Grainy Film, Grunge, Retrolux, Noir, Portrait, Lens Blur, and other special effects.
2. To rectify exposure: Most devices are not smart enough to measure lighting correctly, but Snapseed solves that problem. Click “TOOLS” and simply choose “Tune Image.” to make it happen.
3. To crop, rotate, and perspective: The perspective parameter will make a picture straight if you feel it just isn’t right. Its cropping feature also helps to rectify composition and can cut off unwanted elements.

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4. For selective edits using the brush tool: The brush tool makes selective edits to your pictures in ways you will appreciate. Just head to “TOOLS” and click on Brush within Snapseed’s parameters. It grants you access to options like temperature, saturation e.t.c.
5. To remove unwanted objects: Snapseed’s smart fill helps to clean your photo thoroughly. To make this happen, head to “TOOLS” and choose “Healing.” When you are set, just drag your finger over anything you wish to remove, and the app will work its convincing magic.
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