Snapchat is about to launch a new gaming platform

If the reports are correct, soon you’ll be able to play games in your Snapchat app. The reports, first coming from Cheddar, say Snapchat may be launching a new gaming platform. The report says the gaming platform may be launched as early as next month —April.

According to Cheddar, the gaming platform, codenamed “Project Cognac”, will be unveiled on April 4. The launching will take place at the company’s Snap Partner Summit in Los Angeles.

Cheddar also reports to seeing an invitation for the event which bears the slogan, “Less talk. More play.” This slogan somehow makes it a little believable Snap is going to launch a gaming platform. But this doesn’t really come as a surprise since its rival, Facebook, has just introduced a gaming tab for its Android app. It seems all the social media platforms are all jumping in the gaming challenge.

For anyone who has been following Snapchat for the last year, a new gaming platform wouldn’t come as a surprise. The company launched “Snappables” last year, a set of AR lens games that allowed users to play games while taking selfies of themselves. The only difference is that the new gaming platform would be a further wade into the gaming world.
This move would allow outside developers to build games that can be played solely in the Snapchat app.

In June 2018, The Information reported that Snap was working on a gaming platform. Also, back in January this year, CNET reported that Snap had bought out an Australian game studio Prettygreat, which further hinted a new gaming push. Prettygreat is the game studio responsible for the popular “Fruit Ninja” game.

All these actions are running against the background of Tencent grabbing a 12% stake in Snap last year. Tencent is the Chinese company that owns Riot Games and League of Legends. So opening up to the gaming world as Tencent joined was an expected move of Snap.

Whether Cheddar’s reports are true or not, we’d have to wait till 4th of April to know since Snap hasn’t responded to the reports yet.


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