The Snap company is preparing itself to take on Instagram, Facebook and other social mediums who keep stealing its features. In an attempt to do so, Snap has included a gaming platform in the Snapchat app. Also, Snapchat has redesigned the Android version of the app, and it has finally been released.

The company has been working on this redesign from the basic level since the beginning of last year. The aim is to basically up the performance of the Android version of the app to be the same as the iOS version.

Actually, the new Snapchat app has no significant changes to the user interface or the navigation. The appearance is basically the same as the old one. The changes are rather in the background. The new app was remade to be less laggy, less buggy and faster than the old one.

According to Android Authority, members of the Snapchat development team admitted that they have been on the new app for some time now. They said the company first tried to patch the old one but realised the whole Android app had to be rewritten from the scratch. This, to them, was the only way to get it to perform like the iOS version of Snapchat.

Things factored in the making of this new app are basically the different hardware in the huge Android ecosystem. The numerous different cameras and processors are the main reasons for the change. This means different phones are bound to “have widely differing capabilities”.

Well, the new app is done and future updates for Snapchat on Android is expected to be easier and faster. Another good news is, the updates and new features will come at the same time as the iOS Snapchat gets its.

Android Snapchat may even get its updates before the iOS version gets its updates, so says Snap’s VP of product, Jacob Andreou.  He said, “With this new foundation I wouldn’t be surprised if you actually see things starting to come to Android even before iOS sometimes.


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