Snapchat 3D camera mode

As Snapchat continues its journey to entice more users, more features keep coming too. The Snapchat platform is upping its selfie games as it had just rolled out a 3D camera mode.

According to the video/photo-sharing platform, the new 3D camera mode will make your selfies have a more 3D-like feel. People that are using the iPhone X or a later model can have the new feature with the initial rollout.

Using the new 3D Camera Mode on Snapchat users can capture a selfie, and apply 3D effects, lenses, and filters to it.

Though people who are not using an iPhone X or newer models are not getting the feature right away, they can still receive Snaps made of the 3D feature. They can move their phone around to get a better sense of the dimensions.

According to The Verge, a spokesperson from Snap Inc., the owner of Snapchat, says the company will bring support to other mobile devices, eventually.

The first time Snap introduced the idea of this 3D effect with its Snaps was when it announced the newest models of its Spectacles, the Spectacles 3, just last month. The Spectacles 3 came with a secondary camera whose job was to capture the depth of the subject. Some effect and filters that came along included things like miscellaneous animations, confetti, light streaks, etc.

Just like the normal snaps, the 3D selfies made in the Snapchat app can be posted on the app or you can save them to your camera roll to be shared on somewhere else. But you should note that there is a caveat if you decide to share outside of Snapchat.

If you share the Snapchat 3D selfies outside the app, the ability for people to move their phone around to change the image’s perspective will be taken away.

For those of us not using an iPhone X and yet to try out the new feature, I’m wondering how the 3D photos will play out if you share it outside of the Snapchat platform. This is because the most popular features on Snapchat are usually used and effective in the app only. At least, it was like that until Instagram started stealing some features from the platform.

There isn’t a word on when non-iPhone X users will be getting the new feature but the company assures it is in the pipeline so we should keep our fingers crossed.


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