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Kidnapping in schools has recently been on the rise in Ghana. And there seemed to be no appropriate way of curbing it. That’s why MineX 360 Services has developed an app, called the SmartSapp, which will notify parents and school authorities when pupils are picked up from school.

This is a way to combat the increasing kidnapping cases in the country recently.

The SmartSapp app is made to give notifications to guardians/parents of who picks their kids up at school. The app also gives the exact time the kids were picked up.

The team leader of SmartSapp, Frank Natie, noted the app seeks to promote child security and parent convenience. Natie also said the current system of signing in and signing out when parents drop off or pick up their wards from school is sometimes inconvenient.

He then added that the current system time wasting since parents will have to line up to authenticate their identity before picking their wards from school.

How the SmartSapp app system works

The SmartSapp app is here to eliminate that old fashioned system. The app is bringing a scanning device and card with which parents would use to authenticate their identities within a few seconds.

Schools that register for this app get to access the profiles of designated people (parents or other relatives) who would come to pick the kids up from school. The photos of these designated people will also be in the system for identity authentication.

The SmartSapp app computes the number of pupils present in school every day. This is done because parents can indicate if their kids will be absent on a particular day in the future.

There’s an option created to help teachers rate the behaviour of pupils regularly so parents would know how kids behave when in school.

The system is also connected to banks and mobile money services. This is to enable parents pay their wards fees given by the schools.

SmartSapp is already working and the leader, Frank Natie says a number of schools have already subscribed to the new system.



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