Most travellers enjoy using their smartphones for digital camera purposes when they travel. Smartphones offer the kind of flexibility and convenience travellers want while still delivering high-quality pictures and videos.

It’s become a common practice for travellers to take quality photos and videos with their smartphones. We all know it can be tempting to take your smartphone any time you are on a trip. Even some professional travellers enjoy using their smartphones for few shots even though they have quality and expensive cameras.

Some travel moments happen so fast and sometimes using smartphone cameras can be very fast to capture those moments. I have read many blog posts where travel bloggers are explaining how smartphone cameras helped them capture some fast moments.

Aside from smartphones helping you with some simple and great shots, they also serve other purposes for every trip. Some of these travel Apps and travel websites can be easily accessed on our smartphones.

Travelling can be cheap. You don’t have to break the bank to travel. You don’t have to buy an expensive camera before you can travel or book expensive accommodation. All you need is to learn how to use your smartphone for taking nice pictures and also learn how to find the cheapest travel accommodation.

Learning how to find the cheapest flight can also help you save some money for your next trip.

If you are looking forward to elevating your travel Game with smartphones with quality cameras, then keep scrolling.

1. Samsung Galaxy s8/8plus – S21

Samsung phones are one of the best phones in the world for all types of travel. They are durable, waterproof, dustproof, and even shockproof. The battery is amazing! And the camera is the best you can get on any phone.

And there are some great Samsung Galaxy phone accessories that will help you take better pictures with your phone.

Samsung Galaxy s8/s8plus, s9, S, s20, S21 are one of the best phones you can ever buy. It has a lot of specs and options that make this phone compete for the top spot.

smartphones with a quality camera

No matter if you travel for business or pleasure, Samsung Galaxy provides a great experience. It has a lot of features that make it stand out from the rest. When we think about travelling we think about: flight booking and hotel booking and all other stuff that goes with it and the phone works perfectly with all.

Now the most important thing that you need to consider when you travel is what your phone should be like and that will help your travel type.

2. iPhone 8/8plus – 12 Pro Max

A great camera is the most important thing for travel photography. However, even if you get a great camera, it won’t do you any good without the right settings and iPhone is the right brand for you.

iPhone has been making the best camera in the world since its launch in 2007. It has been widely praised by all types of people including photographers, artists, and every other type of person who uses a smartphone for photography. So, if you are looking to get the best and latest iPhone then you should go for this one.

Most images on my travel site were taken by iPhones.

iPhone 8 Pro: This version of the iPhone has a 10MP front-facing selfie camera coupled with the Live Photos feature which helps to take a photo instantly every time you press the shutter button without delay. It also supports Portrait Mode which makes your beautiful images captured even more stunning, thanks to its dual-lens rear cameras featuring 12 MP + 12 MP cameras which capture excellent clicks photos, and videos every time you want to capture them!

To make sure that you always have an extra battery pack handy, consider getting an iPhone 12 Pro Max Case with Extra Battery Pack. It’s the perfect accessory for travelers who want to stay connected while travelling but make sure they are charged at all times.

Anyone who has ever travelled through airports knows how difficult it can be to find power outlets where they can connect their devices. But with this case, travellers like yourself won’t have to worry about charging their phones for several hours or days after arrival.

This case acts as both a battery pack and an external charging station that stores enough power for several charges. Buy one today and never miss out on connecting with family and friends again!

3. HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro – P50 and P50 Pro

No matter if you are travelling for business, pleasure or you are simply looking to capture your memories with your family, Huawei phones are the best smartphone to choose.

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro is also a member of the family and continues down the path of excellence that has made Huawei one of the most popular brands in the world.

The Huawei P series has the best camera quality and it continues to improve.

With P50 Pro, we have a triple camera system and a new sensor with innovative hybrid autofocus technology. With the P50, we have a normal and wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. We now have a mono close-up mode that takes pictures from any angle you want to take without moving your body.

The new features of the P30 Pro include Scene Optimizer, Monochrome Picture Quality, Night Mode, AI Portrait Mode, and Lens Blur Effect.

In addition, the P30 Pro has a 20MP front-facing camera with better low-light quality and much faster performance. It also has a much better display with an extended screen rather than a notch. The capacity is 3200 mAH which is really large especially for a device in its price range.

A great camera is one of the most important parts of any smartphone. And Huawei phones have some of the best cameras on the market.

4. Tecno Camon 15 – 17 Pro

Tecno cameras are very much popular nowadays because of their smart design and their good quality which is compatible with all types of settings, weather conditions, and lighting conditions. You can take your photos outdoors or indoors or even in low light conditions.

The Tecno cameras provide high-quality images even in low light conditions which makes them more durable and reliable than other brands.

smartphones with a quality camera

The Camon 15 is featured with a 48MP clear lens, which supports 8x to zoom in the picture after taking a shot. Click the shooting to capture a beautiful view and unforgettable memories, you will find that every detail is perfectly captured and shown. The clearness of the whole picture has upgraded by 68%.

The four pixels were combined into a 1.6-micron megapixel to create high-quality night shots. The large 1/2” sensor captures more light at night, producing a photo that is brighter and with less noise. Let your trip be unforgettable with Tecno Camon 15.

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