So you bought a new smartphone and vowed to install a minimal number of apps just so it doesn’t slow down in performance. Things go on smoothly until you suddenly noticed your smartphone slows down every quarter of the year.
How can that be, since you’ve done all the right things to prevent it getting slow and laggy. Well, read on. It’s not entirely your fault so, cheer up.

Why your smartphone slows down

App updates

When apps get updated, they are usually meant for devices with higher specs than previous ones. Although you can still update your apps, they will need more processing power and some even become bigger consumers of RAM. Developers work on apps knowing that phone manufacturers would always come up with more advanced models of phones, so its with this in mind that they make improvements on their apps.

Operating system updates

Much like apps, operating system updates tend to be optimized towards the latest devices. And while you may safely avoid them for a while, you can’t do so forever as these updates also include security fixes and additions. The older and more obsolete your phone software is, the more vulnerable it is to malware and hack attacks.

Too many apps with background activity

There can sometimes be apps on your phone with code that runs on start up, ie, once your phone is turned on, they start running in the background using RAM and processor cycles. Also, more apps means less storage space. What this mesns is that the Solid State (SSD) storage inside your phone would slow down since its operating system would then have to work harder as it looks around for pieces of fragmented storage space to write data to.
This leads us to our next reason…

You don’t clear apps and unnecessary files to create space

One of the surest ways to get your phone to slow down is to keep a large volume of files on it. Also, having lots of apps means lots of cached data, and if you don’t clear those, your device can’t help but slow down.
The solution for this is to use cloud storage services, and uninstall apps for which you no longer have a use.
Also important to note is that you shouldn’t let overexcitement tempt you to go install heavy games on your phone. The first time you play may feel cool, but it will sooner than later be the reason your smartphone slows down and also weaken your battery.

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