DreamOval, one of Ghana’s leading software developing company has taking another leap with their iWallet; an online payment application. iwallet has now been re-branded as slydepay.

Slydepay is currently Ghana’s premier online payments app and ecosystem. This application has been developed both for individuals and businesses, and the good news is, businesses have access to an API that they can configured on their own applications, websites and some major powered content management system e-commerce extensions.

I personally believe most developers who have interest in e-commerce will be excited about this development. Most have struggled in the past to have payment gateway that has been tailored for the local Ghanaian market.

New features to expect on Slydepay:

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Slydepay for Individuals (Personal)

  • To know or not to know
    How can you manage your finances if you can’t see where your money is going? We have provided a simple way of monitoring your finances. Experience visibility beyond compare!
  • Your money, a click away!
    Sending money to others shouldn’t be a hassle. With Slidepay, other crew members can receive or send money to you anywhere, anytime. No charge!
  • Payments made Simple!
    Paying for items has never been this easy. Scan QR codes with Slydepay Mobile or just enter an email address to make a payment. It’s simple!
  • Wondering how to add money to your account?
    Hakuna Matata! You can top up your Slydepay account using VISA, Airtel Money, First Capital Plus Speedbanking vouchers and MTN Mobile Money.
  • We thought of YOU!
    YOU with the knack for mobile apps.
    And because of YOU, we built Slydepay Mobile

Slydepay for Business

  • Set your customers free. Join the movement
    Slydepay gives you access to millions of people able to pay for your goods and services cashlessly. Set your customers free and allow them to pay you using whichever electronic means they wish, Slydepay will collect it and track it for you.
  • Get Connected in 30 Minutes (or Less!)
    Whether you’re an eCommerce veteran or the latest web entrepreneur looking to extend your sales online, Slydepay has the perfect solution for you. Connect your web store with Slydepay with hassle-free and with zero coding, or pick up a ready-to-go eCommerce package from us now! Get Connected to Slydepay Now
  • Got a Technical team? We make their life simple
    You have a webmaster or an IT guru who is building your custom eStore. We cut down their integration time to Slydepay by more than 50%!. We have free snippets for Java, PHP, C# and more. Access these snippets here.
  • Gain Clarity of Your Money
    Get a grip of all the various numbers and figures that affect your business with key insights into your business and your customer data.

For more information about Slypepay, visit: www.slydepay.com.gh  #‎SlydeToPay‬

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