I started using the sleek Huawei Nova 5T in March 2020, after a recommendation from John-Bunya Klutse. Buying the phone for GHS 1,888 at King Tech – Osu, I must say I have never regretted my choice for it.
I was super excited about the gifts that came along with the phone. I was gifted with a blue tooth headset, a mini-humidifier, and a gift box that contained a blue tooth speaker, a stylus pen, a ring buckle and a VIP warranty card. I know most phones come with a gift package(s), but I am wondering which other phone company actually gives all these products I received for free. I am yet to see one that gives more than Huawei.

The battery strength of the sleek Huawei Nova 5T

I have used the phone for 275 days, and I appreciate its battery strength. I can use the phone for different purposes for a long period without the battery draining faster. Another interesting aspect I love the phone for is its fast charging ability. Due to this, I barely carry my charger along or even charge my phone frequently, as I only do when it is critically low, or I feel like topping up the battery level. However, the phone charges relatively slower when its USB cord is connected directly to a laptop or a power bank.
sleek Huawei Nova 5T
Not only is the Huawei Nova 5T sleek in nature, but it also responds faster when I open apps or surf the internet. I have never cried about my phone overheating no matter how long I use it and so I love the fact that there’s a phone I can trust.
Anybody who uses the sleek Huawei Nova 5T will agree with me that the smartphone has superb camera qualities. With its 48 megapixels five AI cameras, there is so much that can be done with the phone. I always have a great camera experience whenever I use it. I have noticed that the flash of the camera does not work when the phone is critically low, and that is highly understandable.
One thing I would highlight my displeasure on though is their screen protector. Since I started using the phone, I have changed my screen protector five times already. It so happens that whenever I accidentally “drop” my phone or hits it on a surface (though not hard), the screen protector gets affected.
This makes me change it frequently because I don’t particularly appreciate using a phone with a cracked screen.  It does not also mean that I have been careless with the phone or I do not use the right protector. I used an original screen protector I bought from King Tech, and I only wished it remained scratchless at least for a while, whenever it hit a surface.
My midsummer purple sleek Huawei Nova 5T offers me so much more and not only have I developed a love for Huawei brands, I trust their products to be one of the best. I was able to discover and explore the phone much better due to the support app on the phone.
What more should I say about the phone? I will choose the sleek Huawei Nova 5T again if I have to. I am waiting to get disappointed so that I can give an honest recommendation. But until then, I can only say thank you Huawei, for giving me a memorable phone experience.
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