Six unique and best wedding anniversary wishes for wife 

Are you searching for a unique way to wish your wife on the wedding anniversary? Well, we’ve got you covered. You do not have to visit the usual gift shop and pick up a mundane gift for your sweetheart. Only for you, we’ve compiled a list of best wedding anniversary wishes for wife which are unique and never have been used before. Write the anniversary quote on paper and attach it with a gift or scribe it on a beautiful greeting card. In the end, it is feelings and love which matter not the gift.

Heartfelt And New Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Your Wife

  1. I will not say I Love You because it is something I’ve said countless times. But today I will say Thank You for being there for me – supporting me, and loving me. Happy Wedding Anniversary Sweetheart!
  1. As the years pass-by, my love for you has grown deeper than ever. Wish you a beautiful wedding anniversary my love!
  1. I still remember the first time we met, what a nerve-wracking meeting it was.  We both were unsure of the system of arranged marriage, but today, after spending a year together I can say that I made the best decision of my life when I said YES. On our first wedding anniversary, I’d raise a toast to our love, passion, and wonderful future ahead. Happy First Wedding Anniversary My Life!
  1. The moment you entered in my life, it went from organized to hell crazy! But now I realized before you I was living the wrong way completely. You crazy woman, I love you like crazy and wish you a crazy Happy Wedding Anniversary.
  1. As each anniversary passes, it gradually dawns on me that I’ll be stuck with you for the rest of mine. Happy Wedding Anniversary You Crazy Woman! I Love You.
  1. Wedding Anniversary is more than just a date. This day we promised to love and cherish each other till eternity. Today I can say, we’re doing a pretty awesome job at that. Happy Wedding Anniversary My Wifey!
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So these are our collection of wedding anniversary quotes which you can use to wish your wife. To help you even further, we have shortlisted gift ideas to make the anniversary day more memorable.

Custom-made Photo And Chocolate Suitcase

Now is the time for hand-made and unique gifts because couples are bored of seeing the old stuff like a teddy bear, lamp-shades, etc. You should design a small work suitcase made of wood. Cover the top side with red velvet fabric, and fill the bottom side with white cotton. Now tie some strings on the velvet side and pin Polaroid pictures of both of you. Place favourite chocolate boxes of your wife on the bottom side. The gift will bring a million dollar smile on your wife’s face.

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Trip To A Spa Resort

This option is perfect for couples who are not able to spend quality time with each other due to work commitments. You can plan a surprise weekend trip to a nearby luxury resort, and spend much needed time together. Do not forget to schedule a couple’s massage ending it with a romantic and relaxing bath. Pamper your wife with champagne, chocolates, and lot of love. It will be a trip to bring you both closer and eliminate all the stress from life.

Family Photo Collection

It is common for people to think that wedding anniversary is only about the couple, and not family members. But it is a fact that a person’s life is completed by his friends and family. Hence they automatically become a part of every happy occasion. So you should create a photo collection and design in a unique manner. Take individual photographs of each family member, and hand them one letter from WE LOVE YOU. After this pin all these pictures on a rope, and frame it in a photo frame with a black background. The gift will be one of a kind and receive appreciation from everyone.

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Having Family And Friends Over For Dinner

Like we discussed above, family and friends play an important part in every couple’s life. So you host a dinner party for them. It is not necessary for you or the wife to cook; the option to order from the wife’s favourite restaurant is available. The dinner will create a wonderful atmosphere filled with positive vibes and happiness.

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