Psychologists have said that the sitting posture of a person actually tells a lot about their intentions and personality. They say sitting position reveals our secret instincts and wishes, and even if our words make the biggest impression, our body language gives us away as well. Here is what your sitting posture says about you.
1. Sitting erect: Psychologists believe people who sit with their legs straight are mostly neat and intelligent. They believe those who sit with straight legs will always prefer to keep their feelings to themselves while avoiding all kinds of conflict.
2. Sitting with crossed legs: According to PulseNG, psychologists feel crossing your legs while you sit could be a clear sign that you are into the person you are speaking to. They also believe those who cross their legs are more artistic.
3. Armrest while sitting: People who sit like this are rare, but they exist. Psychologists say they are the shaky type who always need something to steady themselves.

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4. Clasping hands while sitting: This is a rare occurrence as well, but if you know someone who does that, it could be a signal that he or she wants to be extra polite. Psychologists conclude that the individual is trying very hard to please anyone around.
5. Sitting with legs angled at one side: Ladies sit like this, and psychologists believe these people are enormous believers of time and place. In essence, they think that everything has its time and place while setting goals and working extra hard to keep them.
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